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Video: Skull galore

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share this team idea i got with everyone here, and whats better way of sharing it than fillming a video of it? :slight_smile:

This the first video i have ever made so i would really like to get feedback from everyone, tell me what i do wrong, tell me what i should do better, and also i would like to hear how do you like my team idea :slight_smile:


I really love creative teams that break the mold.

I just got Skeleros 2 days ago, so I’m really looking forward to trying this build out with some variants as well.


Very solid team - just went 8/8 with it. Not the fastest, but it is not too slow either. Good to see you finding a viable use with skeleros.

nice to see a team built on Maw’s new third trait rather than on his spell.

The the video - for my tastes, could be a little faster and you’re English is good, don’t worry about it. Could drink a little water - sounded a bit dry.

P.s I called the team Maw Skulls.

Edit: also found swapping Skeleros for BD makes it quicker (but removes your novel way of using Skeleros)


I have a couple teams that use Skeleros.

 1. Anointed One

This one focuses on red generation.

2. Sylvasi
   Infernal king

This one focuses on red and purple generation.

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With skeleros you cover all 6 colors, he is quicker to fill and can generate a lot of skulls even when opponent doesn’t have armor. But yes BD is valuable swap :slight_smile:

About my voice, that’s the way it is, I’ll try to talk in a smoother way next time :slight_smile:
Tyler for your feedback glad you liked it :slight_smile: