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Quirky or Bad teams that are actually fun to play

Curious as to any of your builds that, while not necessarily “good”, are fun to play.

I have mine.


Gorgotha, ***
Acolyte ***,
Webspinner ( no traits because I am stone poor atm),
Famine (only two traits, because of the above reason.

I really wish we could see the team names of those we invade, for the above reason. :smile:


I like making teams around the event troops, so long as they aren’t completely terrible. Heres just one from the Khetar event:

Bone Dragon***
Deep Borer**
Settite Warrior*
Anubite Warrior*

Double blue banner to fill borer and max the amount of brown gems you can create (brown/blue also works for lower surge chances). Use Bone Dragon to strip down armor and/or kill with skulls. Misfires on Bone Dragon usually only cost you some armor because you’ll freeze the first troop and get your turn back. If there are blue available or you can fill Borer, do it even if you take a hit on Bone Dragon. Sometimes, you’ll cascade blues and can just use Borer to fill Bone Dragon, and sometimes you can just do this to take out half the team. If Bone Dragon manages to live through stripping everyone’s armor, cast Settite on Borer (who should now have 80+ armor) which should finish off what should be the last two troops (each having no armor by now, with one likely being wounded). If Bone Dragon dies before armor stripping them all, get a fortress gate out and just keep casting Borer > Settite (on the highest armor) while ignoring skulls.


You can see opponent’s team names on Console :wink:

My favourite team to win in PvP;

The Mean Street Posse

Pride Hunter***
Undead Banner (Blue/Purple)



You should design an “F.B.I.” Team… Maybe it could revolve around the colors of the teams flag

…Nunzio was always my fav (in particular because I enjoyed his Prematch vid giving the flip off gesture)

Do u happen to know if they still compete, and if so, for what promotion?

i got
hero (assasin) fire and ice,

Full construct team.


HaHa look at that … had 1 more like in me … lol … no another 48 min ;p


I assume this goes alone with a hero and “clockwork”?

I did not think of that. Now that i know, Edit: Flesh golem, anvil of might, golem (need more constructs), archon statue. Or go Fortress gate, anvil of might, flesh golem, archon statue.

That has been my defense team for ages, though occasionally I swap it out for other teams to see how effective they are. I usually end up switching back because, you know, robots. :sunglasses:

Edit: apparently, I am still thinking of mechs as constructs. It will take a little while.

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