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Help on Team Building

Hello !

I got 3 weeks playing this game and actually im level 200.
I need some ideas for a new team on offense, actually im playing with Desert Mantis / Valk / Justice / Mab (Full Traited) and i love loop teams, this team works awesome; but sometimes im geting bored on pvp and i just wanna try some new teams.
I just got Bone Dragon and i dont know how to fill him in a good comp, maybe some advices would help a lot.
On defense im trying Manticore / Manticore / Courage / Bone Dragon; i think all teams works around bone dragon.

Thanks and sorry for my english.

Hi and welcome :grinning:
Deep Borer is a good complimentary troop to Bone Dragon if you have that card. Its difficult to suggest actual BD teams as we dont know what cards you have.

Personally I field

Deep Borer
Bone Dragon

(Sylvanimora fully traited entangles the first troop on 4 matches so protects from opposition death mark or BD etc)

For defence this week you could try putting up a mainly Daemon team to help players trying to get green frags in the event :+1:

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When looking for new teams to try, I look no further than the GoW Team Build Compendium page! Fun teams already vetted and with their strategies explained.

For defense, like @esslee says, victories are great but consider doing the community a service by compiling a team of that week’s event troops, so that others can get 3 or 4 event gems (and you get a revenge opportunity!)