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Fun Teams [List]

Hello everyone!

This thread is a place where you can share your team you have a great time with, or a place where to find such teams. They by no means have to be meta, powerful or fast. The main criteria is FUN.

I’ll be keeping the thread updated, highlighting the teams that you have to suggest, copying them here (and giving you credit for it, of course).
Naturally, if I find some you might like - I won’t hesitate to throw them here.

I hope you’ll enjoy fooling around with them, and I’m looking forward seeing what creative ideas you, the community, have come up with :wink:

WARNING: Gem Creating Troops are not as reliable anymore. Using different teams is advised as of current patch.

One by one

Sacrifice / Giant Spider / Shadowblade / Prismatic Orb (DK)

(Frozen Banner)
Tutorial: Fill Sacrifice and use it on Blue/Green. Use Giant Spider. Never cast kill Shadowblade with Sacrifice. Loop your way till Shadowblade can oneshot - then watch them die one by one.
Avoid: Queen Mab

Alignment practice

Anointed One / Villager / Plague or Kraken / Terraxis

(Dragon Banner)
Tutorial: The team is made to be A board control practice. Each troop complements the other with gem transforms, with the only exception Terraxis > Werewolf. Terraxis can be cast to fill Villager, never Werewolf. If executed correctly, it has an infinite loop.

Nuclear attack

Great Maw / Infernal King / Sekhma / Mercy

(Talon Banner)
Tutorial: Fill Maw, devour a troop, with highest priority on Tanks (Gorgotha, Stonehammer) or counter-troops (Mab, Famine). Then enjoy your looping nuclear bomb.


Mongo / Humility / Humility / Mercy

(Holy Banner)
Tutorial: This has none. Have at least 1 humility ready before casting Mongo. The rest … just happens :smile:
Credit goes to @Vangor.

Queen is Envy

Webspinner / Dark Maiden / Queen Aurora / Queen Aurora

(Woodland banner)
Tutorial: Green.
Credit goes to @XLS78.

Just Brown

Gorgotha / Troglodyte / Troglodyte / Prismatic Orb

(Dwarven Banner)
Tutorial: Troglodyte’s storm increases Gorgotha’s explode chance to hit an extra turn. If board is set right, Troglodyte hits hard.
Credit goes to @Rasper.

Deadly loop

Green Seer / Giant Spider / Kraken / Plague

(Frozen Banner)
Tutorial: Fill either Seer or Spider with either Blues or Purples. Both have +2 from traits and/or banner. Then transform either Reds, Yellows or Browns. Blue if you have no other option. Never Greens or Purples.
Credit goes to @Stan and @Vangor.

Things Happen

Stonehammer / The Dragon Soul / Kraken / Queen Mab

(Abyssal Banner)
Tutorial: Rush TDS to fill Stonehammer. Bait skulls as much as you need. Then watch things happen.
Credit goes to @Amadan.

Boom! Now you see red

Gorgotha / Hellcat / Garuda / Ragnagord

(Brown / Yellow Banner)
Tutorial: Get Garuda up, one way or another. Then start exploding. The storm means you’ll get more cascades from exploding the board.
Credit goes to @Calebkir.

Soul Farming

Rock Troll / Dark Troll / Pharos-Ra / Pharos'Ra

(Abyssal Banner)
Tutorial: Endless Troll Loop. Be careful not to cast if less than 8 gems are on the board - it might mess your turns. Ra makes sure you keep your loop while one-shotting.
Credit goes to @Arturo.

Economy’s Finest or Decisions, decisions…

Gorgotha / Merchant Prince / Bonnie Rose / Gog and Gud

(Kraken Banner)
Tutorial: Rush 100+ gold. It takes 1 Merchant Prince cast or 4 cascades.
100+ Gold => Bonnie has priority over everything.
Gog and Gud is fun, but unreliable. But can pretty much oneshot anyone on 125 Gold. Best use is at 60-85 gold, if the cast is enough to finish off the 1st target.
Inspired by @Zippity.

Rage of the King

King Mikhail / Apothecary / Sheggra / Courage

(Wolf’s Banner)
Tutorial: Rush Apothecary as fast as possible. The team will tear apart any tanks, and cannot be stopped by entangle, either. Elemaugrim hurts, though.

Unfair skull advantage

Stonehammer / Courage / Courage / Mercy

(Proud Banner)
Tutorial: Focus on Red gems, fill both courages up, and cast them always on skulls. Keep Mercy against Entangle.
Credit goes to @Cubsteven.

Don’t mess with the Bull

Gorgotha / Sunweaver / Ketras / Runesmith

(Desert Banner)
Tutorial: Feed Gorgotha into Sunweaver. After 1 cast, you should be able to 1-shot. If Ketras gets hit, cast Runesmith on him, too. This team is a bonus-stats killer.

Absolutely Brutal

Forest Troll / Webspinner / Queen Aurora / Aurai

(Frozen Banner)
Tutorial: Start with troll, and loop according to needs.
Credit and big hands up for @Nephilim

Edge of the Thousand Bites

Gorgotha / Dark Priestess / Gar'Nok / Hydra

(Desert Banner)
Tutorial: Cast Priestess on Hydra. If the enemy blows the barrier away, just get Priestess up again and cast it on Hydra as many times as it can survive. Gorgotha will make sure the spawned skulls won’t hurt you much, but will destroy any barriers on the enemy team Thx to Hydra.
If the enemy doesn’t have anything to cancel the barrier on Hydra - use Gar’Nok for that purpose.

Mythics’ payback

Forest Troll / Infernus / Yasmine's Chosen / Doomclaw

(Broken Banner)
Tutorial: There are many ways to play this. But cast troll on 10+ greens and Yasmine on 16+ greens to make sure you get extra turns.
The rest just happens as you prefer.

Unleash the beast

Black Beast / Apothecary / Herdmaster / Drake Rider

(Frozen Banner)
Tutorial: Use Drake Rider for food, and his summon, too. Have a good meal.
Credit goes to Venar.

None can stop the War

War / Valkyrie / Mercy / Abynissia

(Lion Banner)
Tutorial: Search for alignments, use skulls, make sure to have cleanse ready against Entangle and Frozen. War hits like a truck (3 attack per turn).

Bow to the king(s)

Honor / Poison Master / Ketras the Bull / Scorpius

(Undead / Frozen Banner)
Tutorial: Fill Poison Master. Cast him a few times. Cast Honor if you feel like it can connect or if you need the extra armor. Cast Scorpius if 3rd and 4th troops are poisoned (obviously). Ketras Hurts. A huge lot.
Credit goes to polyester.


Good thread! Here’s mine:

2x yellow banner

This thread just shows me that I need to be more adventurous with my teams. I have no fun teams.

I was thinking about making a looping team combined with gold creators. Doing something along the lines of Alchemist/Hellcat/Bonnie Rose/Gog and GitGud. I was almost planning on leaving Gog to not cast, and only bringing him along for the 20 gold on 4 or 5 matches. Then just loop until extra reds fall into Bonnie’s lap and cast away (getting 62 damage from gold boost when at 125 collected). Maybe working in a Valk to fill Bonnie better, but you would have to refill the alchemist each time.


Yup, you’d definitely get away with it. Alchemist even increases the gold limit, so Bonnie could throw up to 62 bonus damage.
Might not be enough to oneshot, but one cast of Gog would always kill the 1st troop or give just enough of AoE to complement Bonnie.

One that I always found a bit different:

Green Seer
Loyalty (Spam skulls and gain life.)
Sylvanimora or Spring Imp (To entangle opponent slot 1)

Don’t match the skulls and let the AI slowly die. By slowly, you’ll probably be bored of the team before long, but it feels really cool the first few times you play it.

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I really love the Hydra concept :thumbsup:
… I was thinking of something very similar, but putting the new priestess in, to both lower its HP and increase its ability. And since enemies would be entangled - skulls spawned are to your benefit on either hit or miss.


I personally like playing safe, so for my main team, which I call “ReTurn”, I use Alchemist, Hellcat, Goblin Rocket and Nobend Brothers. It can go non-stop once you get it going and doesn’t rely on luck, but it can be slow.

Goblin Rocket is there to adjust the board for Alchemist or Hellcat and occasionally for a bonus damage if it’s safe, meanwhile Nobend Brothers are there for everything they do.

I use the Dragon Banner (+2 red, +1 yellow, -1 brown) because it boosts the most important colors for the team and the brown is mostly just gonna be transformed in yellow or red. The only important traits are Fire Link from Alchemist and Goblin Rocket

I think I figured a team out for sacrifice, but it’s all based getting the loop going
Death knight hero prismic orb.
If you get it going right It the fun never ends. Two summoners to feed sacrifice after boosting a ton of magic,just gotta cast him before he dies, but then you still have two summoners for back up, try it and let me know

@Luc I believe it’s currently considered the safest team out there. With the only difference being 2nd Goblin Rocket instead of Nobend Brothers. There were people who fought maxed out opponents with this team underleveled and untraited. And won.

@Santandrix It kind of sounds and feels like the team already posted above. I might be missing something but what makes it unique? The “One by One” does the exact same thing, but sacrifices in loops (Giant Spider). Your team would have to give up a turn to spawn through Kerberos - and Abynisia destroys the board and alignments. Also, you’d have to refill Kerberos for every kill, while with Shadowblade, you get all of the mana back and you need much fewer loops, since true damage.

If possible, I’d like to differentiate the teams in a way, so that each one feels unique or offers a different playstyle.

Did you forget aby summons too? Once exploded most are full and you rinse and repeat, It’s just a different approach to your team I gues, but it is all purple l, you could use it for guild wars but no recommended I can remove post if you’d like.

I figured a second Rocket Goblin might be safer for the loops, but Nobend Brother’s can make things a bit faster.

@Santandrix I did not forget, I just didn’t understand why bring 2 summons when there already are different options, that might have better synergy.
… I do not want you to remove it, no, by all means, just don’t :smile:
Your team is an honorable mention and every idea counts.

But for the sake of keeping the list clean, I’d like to avoid pasting multiple teams with the same concept. That doesn’t mean you should delete it. On the contrary. Keep in in the comments so people who might like your variation more will find it :wink:

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I have fun using:

Eternal Flame (Titan) Perk: Giant Kin
Dragon Cruncher/Gob Chomper/Gog and Gud

Red/Yellow Banner

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I’m actually finding the Giant team I put on defence this week, fun on offence.

Gog and Gud
Rock Troll

Dragon banner

So all colours covered so if the board starts a bit lean of red or yellow then at least it goes to use! One purple +5 and rock troll is filled and can then help fill up Jarl and Gog, while keeping the pesky Krakens at bay. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Main play style is to loop Jarl with yellow going to Jotnar, who should do some reasonable damage due to the buffs from the barriers and four Giants. :smile:

Wouldn’t recommend against the top two or three meta defences though, but the barriers do assist with survivability.

Edit: @Chat308 I’d like to try the Titan class in my team above, I’d maybe swap Rock Troll for Staff of Madness or Death Knell. Like those hero weapons.

But, unfortunately I want to keep my Assassin class on defence for Guild Wars, be good if the devs could change this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the changes to trolls incoming, I can see myself using them more in teams too.

wish I had Jotnar :frowning: but having them all start with half full mana is awesome as long as I have 3 yellows to make off the bat I can almost always loop.

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My Famine beater:
2x green banner

Goblin fills in 1 match even double Jynxed and by the time Death or Famine killed both Humility your Goblins should hit for 100 dmg.


My Brown GW team:
Gorgotha *** / Khorvash *** / Kerberos *** / Famine *
Brown/Yellow Banner.

This team looks hilarious for killing death/famine teams. If I get around to traiting humility I will try this. Is +2 green necessary? I think you could run +1 Gr/Ye

Not a specific team per se. But I usually enjoy ‘attempting’ to create a workable team from whatever the weekly event it is. Getting +25% to +50% covers up a lot of weaknesses in the weekly teams. This is just to mix things up a bit. Some weeks I’ll even put them on Defend.

For example during this Pridelands week…
Shadow-Hunter +50%. (has almost 50 natural Attack)
Behemoth +25%
Sabertooth Lion +25%

Sure, since both Gob have nature link, you just need +1 on the banner. I used +2 as I was experiment switching out 1 goblin for various troops