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Fun Teams [List]

So how important is the second Humility verses using another troop like Ragnagord? Are you trying to minimize mana storage on your own team?

Well, depends on the goal. Technically a single Humility will boost the team, so you can pretty much do anything.
I use 2 because:

  • sometimes the first one dies too fast.
  • with AoE damage you double the buff. For example, a Psion cast or Drak or Bat will do true damage to both and thus double the magic increase. In Psion-F-D-F that mean faster increase of the Goblin.
    Each turn is basically:
    Use Goblin, Fill Goblin.
    But each turn he hits harder.

Another good option if the Nobend Brothers instead of second gob.

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A fun looping team that I play with is:
Green Seer
Giant Spider
Kraken ***

3rd trait is required on Kraken. If you don’t have Wulfy, use a second Kraken. Loop Green Seer and Giant Spider repeatedly - each cast will fill the other with spillover mana gradually filling Kraken and Wulfy. Each loop also does Tentacles damage to all troops. Once you have a troop down below Wulfy’s spell damage, kill it and devour a second troop. If you ever get stuck and can’t loop, cast Kraken to spawn more blue and hope for the best.


I do almost the same except i use plague instead of wulfy

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“Queen is Envy” deck:
Dark Maiden
Queen Aurora
Queen Aurora

Double green banner. Any two green matches fill 'spinner. Who makes more green. When QA fills, pick green.


Hero, Prismatic Orb

With +10 magic Gorgo consistently blows up the entire board, filling Hero, who adds 37 armor (for me) per cast while making more browns. After a Trog cast the duststorm turns up the brown spawn making sure you refill Gorgo each board sweep, followed by Trogs firing off 99 (for me) point nukes.

Completely useless against Psion and Freeze and is a race against Famine or Devour, so don’t take it against meta.


Really, as @Rasper shows here, Hero with Prismatic orb, and two of the GW troops, can do some interesting things.

It makes Jarl very interesting this week, with a Titan Hero.

You make it sound like Lord Jarl needs other troops in his team…heresy!

4x Jarl is a beast of a team. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been experimenting with the following for both defense and invades. Each of these has a nice effect on 4 or 5 matches…

Celestasia *** - barrier self on 4/5
Sylvanimora *** - huge (+2 life) and entangle on 4/5
Queen Mab *** - freeze on 4/5
Moloch *** - suppression (enemies -1 skill pt) on 4/5

So, I have a weird one that I do when I’m exploring and I want to really press my luck

Night Hag
Nobend Brothers

Sometimes, I just really want to see if I’m going to have a good day.


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Stonehammer / TDS / Kraken / Mab is a ton of fun.

Burns for everyone! Stuns for everyone! Freezes for everyone! Explosions! Devours! Skulls don’t matter; Things Happen and enemies die!


Thread updated! Thank you everyone for the great and fun suggestions, so far.
… Let’s keep it rolling :wink:

Rock Troll
Dark Troll
Abyssal Banner

I am hesitant to share this team.


Nice team there. It is a toss up which troll to put on top. :wink:

Why being shy @mraider94 ?
… If the team is fun at least for 1 person - it definitely belongs here. And since 2 people already liked the Green Seer / Giant spider looping one - people will definitely like yours with the new, buffed trolls as well :beer:

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It’s just a SUPER easy team to use that gives max gold and max souls fast.

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Been playing with the troll loops with different combinations of 3rd and 4th slots. So start with dark troll and Rock Troll and finish with

Elemaugrim and Jarl firemantle (credit to @Tacet)

2x Pharos-Ra

if you don’t have Pharos,
Keeper of Souls, Kerberous

one of my guildmates doesn’t have some of this stuff and was using Plague and Mab.

There are more combinations to play with. Still need to try Sekhma.

I would try out some of those, If I had gotten either Pharos or elemaugrim when they came out, if they had dropped in my entire stash worth of resources.

Why would you use keeper of souls or kerberos? They have no synergy with looping.

soul farming. they both have necromancy and the dark troll generates souls. and the KoS can keep your loop going as long as you don’t convert out purple or brown.