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What is your most FUN (not best) team to play with?

Hey, everyone. I’m curious to see everybody’s favorite teams to play for FUN. To clarify, I don’t mean your best or strongest teams, or anything like that. I just want to see what the majority of players find fun when they are playing with teams, even if it’s a bad team.

For example, I LOVE exploding troops, not because of their ability to power teams, but just because I love to watch the whole board explode! Gorgotha, Ragnagord, Princess Fizzbang, and several others are fun for me to play with.

I think this could be an eye opening thread if enough people post, because it could possibly help the Dev’s see and in turn focus on the mechanics that are most FUN to play with.

This would be a fun team (FOR ME) to play if only I had Worldbreaker:

Even if you don’t have a specific team in mind, you should still post your favorite KINDS of teams and troops to play with. I’d love to see all the ideas.


Watching a huge doomskull cascade thanks to Bloodhammer can be quite fun. The new mythic is fun to use too with instakill.

But I think my favorite of all is pet battle #8 vs stryx and using Tesla for over 50 true damage to all enemies!! Keep buffing your armor morons, you’re only making it worse. :smiley:


Yeah, I REALLY want Bloodhammer, but I haven’t managed to net him yet. Doomskulls are essentially explosions, so I REALLY like the doomskull troops, since I’m big on exploders. :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple of (almost playable, great fun, useless really in endgame pvp) builds:

Bard with Dawnbringer
Champion of Anu

(Stonehammer gets +3 to all stats a turn :sunglasses:)

Hero with Golden Cog
Green Seer

(Double or quadruple Rowanne’s armour and then wipe)

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This one is pretty fun, but worked a lot better pre Death Mark nerf. I really liked Blighted Lands as a Kingdom when it came out, and had Venbarak in place of Des until she was released. Does well against those pesky yellow daemons like Gorgotha and Famine, however it is slow so I tend to try and rush Abynissia before Herald, board depending.


I find the Naga a cool race and the Assassin class is a blast, if not totally reliable. :slight_smile:
This team used to consist of Maralith in place of Viper and Prey Seeker as the hero weapon. Fill Poison Master first then fire off the Hammer and hopefully on the next skull match its a double with Assassin trait triggering :+1: Viper needs a buff though, currently only puts out 33dmg :sob:. Euryali summons fodder troops in if the hero gets skulled out. The team did do reasonably well during the Naga buffed week just gone.


Love Orcs, got even better with their once traits. I use this team for red day as the two summoners help to, somewhat, alleviate the carnage the dwarves can reap. Orc Veteran almost always generates reds as he has +45 attack. Gar’Nok isn’t at the back, as I normally keep Gargantaur charged until he can kill someone, so helps self looping. Can get stuck against teams that barrier up quickly (Dwarven Gate, Stormshield) as there s no AOE or splash damage.


Hmm, the Teddy Bears! Strategy here is to generate skulls with the Corrupted Urska, whilst Urskatyr buffs up to become the tank once the Corrupted one eventually suicides. Urskatyr with high attack and enrage make short work of the enemy when the skulls come your way.


Explode things, barrier up and do massive damage! Love this team, with either Bard or Oracle class, for yellow day. Depending on the starting board go for either Artema or Herdmaster then just cast what ever is ready. Artema seriously melts targets! Dawnbringer brings some defence and if there is no enemy Kraken I sometimes will place WB in 2nd spot.


Fun but random team, that really got caught in the Kraken nerf crossfire. Prior to that you could get multiple barriers onto your troops and max your gold count (which boots GnG’s damage and Pistol’s gem destruction) in one Rock Troll cast. Now not so, so it is a bit slower and less durable. Gog and Gud can one-shot troops when at full gold bonus, oh and Titan class is required to get everyone starting at half mana. :slight_smile:


Built to take advantage of Tal’Rae’s double damage against webbed enemies. Tomb Spider’s double skull damage against webbed enemies is nice. Dark Maiden keeps the Spider alive and buffs it to get more damage when it gets sacrificed by the Queen. I’ll sacrifice the front troop also if it looks like it will die to get a new full health troop out.

This team does fall over as soon as you lose one troop, because then when you cast the Queen it’s on either the gem creator or main damage dealer so the team synergy gets screwed. I’m still trying to work the hero class in for it’s familiar trait to ensure the Queen does have some extra sacrifices.


Big Attack for War = Big Spell Damage for Queen Ysabelle :sunglasses:


Loads of entangle here which can hamper Gloomleaf attack steal, wish that they would change this as clearly the base attack value is ‘remembered’ so why not reduced that value instead of the entangled ‘0’? Yasmine is blocked, but once you have a troll cast there are more than enough greens around. Plus, once you weaken the opponents armour with Gloomleaf just leave him full and bathe in the self looping glory of Yasmine. :slight_smile:

These are is somewhat of an order of what I deem to be fun. I also run most of the mono colour ones as Guild War teams too.

I try and build teams around troop type and/or kingdom, whilst covering most colours.


Wow, lotta great teams, can you add what their quirks are to each set?

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I’ll add some notes to them. I have some others that are I find fun, I like to find ways to utilise some of those deal double/triple if enemy afflicted by X status effect.

Like Bogatrider into a Swamplash cast.


What about Magnus or Dragonette as status makers? Personally I’m not a fan of Euryali because you can only poison a troop ONCE, unless the cleanse themselves, which is somewhat rare.

Euryali for kingdom and colour coverage. Assassin hero. :wink:

Magnus team

With this one I hope Magnus burns a couple of troops as I get Elemaugrim to cast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Most of the time I play with
Queen Titania
Yao Guai (occasionally Worldbreaker)

for infinite loop-ability.

Just for fun put Magnus in last slot. He’ll get no mana but having a ridiculous amount of status effect on the enemy is fun to watch.

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That sounds hilarious. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a gambler (Texas Hold 'Em!), but I love RNG troops. Magnus would be so fun to play with in that team because I’d love to see exactly how the enemies would struggle with so many status ailments. Nice team!

My favorite troop to use is Krystenax, so I put him in every team, even as a front tank for divine team.

His alibity to remove all gems of chosen color is so much fun. Choosing to remove the right color, it can result in an extra turn.

I don’t really like random explode troops, as it can be unpredictable sometimes, but single gem exploding is nice for planning skull/extra turn. Lava Elemental is my front tank in red GW day!

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I agree that the random exploders or even generators are VERY unpredictable, but it’s that risk factor that makes it fun to play with, for me. I’ve yet to obtain Kyrstenax, but I can definitely see why you’d like him! You have a favorite team that you like to play with him? Your favorite one that is the most fun to you!

Broken Spire Elemental team:


You’re right, Lava Elemental is a top front troop. I just keep Stone Giant as second tank and only cast if it will get a kill or create an extra turn.

Sheggra is also pretty decent in the front of this team, but she doesn’t have the staying power of Lava Elemental if skulls go bad. Though, oodles of skulls plus Pyromania can cut through teams that don’t have skull reduction or fireproof.


My main team once I got Krystenax is Krytalnex/Valkyrie/Krystalnex/random event troop. It’s fast for PvP and get plently of souls. If there is no event, using Pharoh-Ra or other Necromancy troop is very good for speed soul-farming!

Now that I don’t need souls anymore, and demand for quicker match cause by addition of Pet, I switched to edition of popular Divine team combo; Krystenax/Infernus/Divine Ishbaala/Firebomb. I switch Firebomb out for event troop for extra gold/glory. But for all Pet Rescue except Brown, I always use this team. It’s a nice combo of fast and fun! ^^

I like it. Too bad the only troop out of all of those you just listed that I have is Firebomb :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoot, how’s THIS for rolling the dice:


Apothecary is far too predictable, roll the dice again with rock troll instead.:rofl:

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Random there!

But if you truly like random then next Brown day Guild War you should try this team:

Nobend Brothers
Marid/Behemoth or Doomclaw for full colour coverage.


Edit: Additional team

Ever wanted to play as a Goat? Now, you can! A heavy skull attack team that can put out some reasonable spell damage, which increases over time. No mana generator other the self looping from Wild Queen, which I think is ok as it means more turns to turtle and tank up with those stat gains.

The first three units gain +3 attack and +1 to others each turn. All start at half mana to get things rolling quickly.


So you got (un)lucky pulling the Wild Queen? Well, she does work nicely with Her King. :wink: I target her spell on the first troop (sometimes second of the first will die next turn), this assists in keeping Silenius alive when trading skulls. Trading skulls is a part of the strategy here, Goats love to butt horns. :wink:

Lion and Tiger pulls dangerous troops into skull range, and Satyr Musician hopefully targets the troops you want silenced :grimacing:

The name you gave that team is awesome, that game was very fun to mess around on.

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