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What is your most FUN (not best) team to play with?

This is a great traitstones farming team fire bombs charge sun bird and taloca quickly while taloca does 10 damage to a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches if there is a storm which sun bird creates when traited when he casts he does 99 damage split among enemies and sunbird does basically the same thing it’s very enjoyable watching taloca dissolve enemies without ever having to cast and taloca can also be traded out for the flavor of the week troop for extra gold while grinding for traitstones


Taloca is really great, but i suggest you use your hero every battle if possible until you max all your class’ talents.

For Class Experience farming (and Traitstones) I do Explore battles with

Princess Elspeth
Mountain Crusher

Hero has whichever class I want to advance.

Elspeth kills Hero, charges Bombots, Bots explode to kill the opposition, rinse and repeat.

Ok, you only get 1 Class XP per battle, but given it takes about 15 seconds per cycle…!

Xathenos, Giant Spider, Queen Aurora, Queen Aurora, unicorn banner. +5 purple, +3 yellow - fill Xathenos and go to town. It’s kind of dumb and not the fastest but it is fun to watch X-man evaporate the last couple of troops.

Variant on the theme: Alchemist, Arachnaean Weaver, QAx2, lantern banner.

Another fun one:

Mountain Crusher
Arachnean Weaver
Yasmine’s Chosen

Good fun for Delving in All Seeing Eye, Webspinner and YC tend to self-loop, MC gives Mana and AW webs everyone to activate WS’s triple damage (if they’re not already poisoned).

Oh and Webspinner is an excellent meat shield, because even if it dies, you’ve got a 75% chance of getting a new one from AW when you kill off an enemy :slight_smile:


I’ve been using this team except with The Possessed King in place of Yasmine’s Chosen. Quicker mana with the explosions on match 4. I end up not casting Webspinner though just so I can fill the Weaver. I’ll have to try Yasmine’s to experience the green looping you mention.

I tried it and had trouble getting the looping to work. Yasmine’s Chosen is completely mana blocked and since Weaver also uses green, none of it filters down to Yasmine’s

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the popular Wrath, Writhing Staff, Possessed King, Scylla team. I just love watching the explosions and skulls cascade down the board, without having to do too much (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), and all the movement/board clearing that’s going on. Sometimes I chuck in the Doomed Blade, because even though it takes longer to fill and doesn’t always present with an opportunity to cast, I’ve also been loving the Doomed Blade in just about any team.

Another Doomed Blade (DB) team I’ve been using, just because DB is fun and I love being able to cast it as quickly as possible, is any team featuring DB, Valk and Tai Pan. The variations I’ve been running, depending on the situation, are typically DB, Valk, Yao Guai, Tai Pan or DB, Valk, Tai Pan, Scurvy Seadog. Whole board explosions are great, hey? It’s a hell of a lot of doomskulls to the face, and often cascades a little.

One last team that I really like, despite not necessarily being my fastest or most effective team (although it’s still pretty damn good), is anything featuring Forest Guardian, Glitterclaw, Nimue, due to the unique colour palette you see on the board, especially post-Nimue cast, when the board is just filled with greens and purples, and a few browns/skulls. Try it out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Mang up front, maybe, and ASE banner).

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@Griswald I missed out an important step, first get Mountain Crusher filled so you can explode Brown gems and get rid of the blocking stones.

Also I’m using the Blue/ Brown Broken Banner, wherever possible use Blue to fill Webspinner to keep as much Green on the board as possible.

Once you get Webspinner looping, it fills down to AW, but save AW until either the first enemy isn’t webbed or any of the other opponents are near full, then YC fills and you’re pretty much sorted.

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I like this one:


Using the Thief class does 27 damage every time you match 4 or 5 gems.
And it does it many times, with 2 spammers of gems and an active storm after the first cast of Stormsinger.


Webspinner triggers his on-skull-effect before applying the damage, so any target without mitigation in first slot will take 3x on the first skulls matched.

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I still love the Snowy Owl, King Highforge, Divine Ishbala and Forest Guardian team someone shared a few months back. It is too fun. I also enjoy Diviner, Mercy, Yao Gui and Worldbreaker team as well as any centaur teams. Lots of fun to be had!

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Thought I’d revive this thread (2 years… time flies) since I wanted to share a team I kind of like but wouldn’t consider to be particularly fast or relevant in PvP. I occasionally use it in E12 just for fun! Or for a safe win, depending.



Basically, a while ago I wanted to make a team that centred around and made full use of the Rare, Bounty troop Urska Druid, which seemed to me to have so much potential, but no surrounding troops that really gelled – and this is what I came up with!

  • Barbarian Class was chosen for the starting Leafstorm and Lighting Strike.

  • Starts with a Yellow/Brown match for Urska Druid, hopefully a 4-5+ match or Mana Surge.

  • Revolves around disabling all (or any important) enemies with EoE, and then death by snu snu Doomskulls via Maraji Queen.

  • Bloodwood is there for the Entangles, and because Elementals are on-theme; casting him in E12 doesn’t do a whole lot, unless you just need to finish something off or want to pass the turn.

Other relevant thread – maybe shoulda rez’d that instead?


My favorite team to play is one I never do anymore , now that my Corsair is maxed out. Any class works, but Corsair is the most blue-tastic:

Drowned Sailor
Daughter of Ice
Jar of Eyes

Blasts through anything, pretty mindless. Makes it feel worth it to have crafted Zuul in the first place :joy:

Prior to this team, I never really used the guy — just sat on the shelf, and on Guild Wars defense. But this team taught me to enjoy the Zuul — THERE IS ONLY ZUUL zombie cthulu thrall stumble

Royal Engineer gives 17 armor to all allies each turn, so with Rowanne having, let’s say 70 armor, she’s so fun to use. This was the team I beat the last level of Sin if Maraj with, except the last troop was Grave Knight who removes all armor from an enemy.

The sooner you get to Urskaya and unlock Sentinel’s unique weapon, The Shield of Urskaya, the happier you’ll be: it’s the perfect weapon to pair with Rowanne :grin:

Ooooo reeeaallly? I can’t wait! :blush::+1:t3:

I took your advice!! Notice my new hero class? :grinning:


Shield of Urskaya (14 Brown)

Give an Ally [Magic + 1] Armor, boosted by all Enemy Attack. Then Enrage and Barrier them. [2:1]

As you can see, it‘s going to be something capable of giving Rowanne a lot more than 70 armor (at least in scaling content), so it should be pretty fun :grin:

I’d also consider at that point speeding the team up a bit — try replacing the Royal Engineer with something like a fully-traited First Mate Axelubber, Daughter of Ice, or Gimlet Stormbrew — any empowered converter, really, now that I think about it, because Scurvy Seadog, Drowned Sailor, and Moon Rabbit would all work well enough, too, depending on how tolerant you are of slight mana-blocking.


A lot of those I don’t have…but I’m keeping all this info!! I do have drowned sailor though. Thanks!