Skull-O-Mania Doomskull Team


I made a variant of Slugger swapping out Ketras for Bloodhammer.

It’s even more devastating because he doesn’t block Green like Ketras.

Videos will be improving in quality from this point forward. Lots of drama in my life that has prevented me from devoting as much time as I would like.


I am having a lot of fun with this team, thank you for sharing!!


Hey Krudler I was wonder where you got off too. Thanks for the post! :+1:


Man, this team is amazing. Thank you!


Made this team. Snowy owl is not fully traited yet but this team is still loads of fun. Thanks. I have linked this build with my guild. Bunch of them love it as well.


If you take this team and switch out Snowy Owl with Gorbil, you get a pretty awesome team that also nets you a little extra gold this week.

Plus, if you have Gorbil traited out, his attack goes crazy and then those Doomskuls really REALLY start to hurt the enemy :wink: .