>>>The Black Beast<<<

I’ve tried to come up with a team include Black Beast, but no matter how hard I think I just doesnt come far.
Any ideas and tips is warmly welcomed! Is there any elite teams with him at all? :slight_smile:


He works in a summon team where he eats the summons.

Black Beast ***
Giant Spider **
Boar Rider ***
Hero (Prismatic Orb) (Warden ***, Beast)
+2 blue

Use first devour on hero then keep eating the spider that spawns in the last slot. Boar Rider will set up any skulls that the Black Beast randomly spawn as well as have +4 magic from 4 troops. Black Beast will be huge from the start by devouring something with as high as stats as hero. As long as the enemy team has no entangle and no troops with 50% skull reduction or more, the team will be decent.

Another build is:
Black Beast ***
Giant Spider **
Hero (Burning Scythe) (Sorcerer ***, +2 magic)
Celestasia ***
+2 blue

Devour Celestasia from the start, who will also give Black Beast the barrier.


My Black Beast time is a bit different, but I still use the “eat your hero, then summon things into that slot to eat in the future” technique. My troops are:

Black Beast (obviously)
Hero (deepstone - cheap blue weapon that helps me get mana should I have trouble getting some for Black Beast)
Aziris (no mana conflict with BB, and can help match skulls to get BB attacks out.
Summoner (health for everyone, Ghouls can buff themselves, which is passed on to Black Beast.)

I found the biggest weakness with BB was that without skull matches… you don’t get damage. So Aziris was the key for me. If you haven’t tried Aziris lately… he’s just amazing. 6 mana for his spell, and you quickly get to the point where he regains 100% of that mana EVERY TURN. It’s fabulous.


Luther and Black Beast make a nice pair. Casting Luther will give not only Black Beast attack, but himself as well. After devour, his attack gain is effectively doubled.

Black Beast
Keeper of Souls

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Must admit that aziris looks amazing in this team!

Nice team, do Luther get a extra magic from legendary-mythic ascension as well?

Not sure, but there is this:

The wiki doesn’t yet have the balance changes from 1.0.9 yet, so all stats are not to be relied upon.

Correct, this is actually the reason I didn’t link any troops in my last WFR, too much post-1.0.9 info atm, especially for legendary troops.