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Black Beast at full mana with 1 x 3 stone match - how?

Opponent matched a single 3 stone green and filled a Black Beast up (12).


Banner (+2) and a mana surge would be 3x2 +2 = 8 is the best I can come up with.

So, what am I missing?

Did the enemy team have the new legendary fully traited? Think its called forest guardian, it’s last trait gives all allied beasts 50% mana at start.

Yup, it had a forest guardian. And looked like all kingdoms to at least 5 stars, level 20 everything - the Black Beast had enormous HP/Attack/Defense even before the Devour.

Thanks, I missed the new trait. Talk about even more abuses - fortunately I got my Great Maw pumped and ate the Black Beast - it only hit me once for 59 so I survived the one hit.

Now I have to expect FG decks all over the place.

Again, thanks!