Kerberos Team Help


I have Kerberos and I want to make a team include this troop. I have 13000 souls.

I checked youtube and someone made a below team;

Can i create this team with spend all souls? Is it worth it?

I have below all troops.

Warg ***
Black Beast ***
The Devoted ***
Kerberos ***

Green/Yellow banner.

Waiting for your comment.

What level are you? Which other legendaries/mythics do you have? What is your current PvP teams power, and what PvP you find hardest to beat?

I created a team as below;

Please comment;

Serpent** (Create red gems for filling Valkyrie)
Sylvanimora*** (Damage all enemies)
Valkyrie*** (Create blue gems for Serpent)
Kerberos*** (Devour chance enemy)

This team is effective? If yes I will spent my souls and traithstones to Kerberos and Sylvanimora.


Any comment?

You didn’t answer my questions above.

With your new team I think you are not making the most of Kerberos and Sylvanimora (although this does depend on your level).

Serpent is not a particularly reliable mana filler and has no protection against skulls. You’re better off using the lion banner and just filling Valkyrie. Except what’s the point of looping serpent and Valkyrie? What does that achieve when you cannot fill your two legendary damage dealers? Yes you do a bit of damage from poison and kraken, but it’s a very slow strategy.


Agree with @Dddd. You’re not maximizing your investment in Kerberos by using red and blue mana generators, respectively.

Do you have Giant Spider? If so, use Valkyrie and Giant Spider. Valk fills Spider, Spider fills Kerberos. Then all you have to do is find a use for that 4th slot. Maybe Black Beast can go there, with the idea that you’d use him as a last resort?


I like it. Or:
Golem, Gorgon or lava elemental (for stoneskin trait)
Giant spider
Frozen banner (+2 blue +1 purple)

That banner means you can fill the spider more quickly to then charge Kerberos. The top troop can explode to provide a bit of mana for valk or spider, and has stoneskin to protect against skulls so you don’t need Sylvanimora so much

You can also look into the Elven Bard empowering Kerberos.

Deep Borer
Elven Bard
Skull Generator

So you’ll have 2 ways to power Kerberos. He’s fun, but his RND can really anger you when he misses eating 4 times in a row. Elven Bard, though, can help power up with his Arcane if you have it.