Impervious Team

Does anyone have a good impervious team they can share? I’m looking for a team where all four troops are impervious - e.g. for playing against double Death teams.

I’m currently playing Carnex, Manticore, Behemoth, Plague. It’s okay but very slow. Can’t help thinking there’s a much better build somewhere.

Way to little impervious troops to use 4 of them in a team.


If it’s specifically against Death teams you’d be better to expand to include warded troops too. But to be honest, the best defence against death is to kill or mana drain him before he casts. Even a cockatrice would buy you enough time to kill him.

There’s no one effective team that is insulated from all status effects.


Put Humility (fully traited required) upfront and 3 AoE damage dealer, like Crimson Bat for example.

Regarding impervious, agreed with @DonBoba there’s no much impervious troops that can make a good and synergies team if you put them all in a team.


OK, great advice here. Guess I’m trying the wrong approach. I’ll looking into Warded + True Damage

Thanks guys.