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4 Mythic Scale Guard teams

Encountered this team (4 Mythic Scale Guards ) in PvP a couple of times now. Was not prepared for how friggin’ hard they hit the first time, and after coming in prepared the next time, I barely edged out a win after they summarily executed my front troops. We have yet another Empowered heavy hitter; the next Dust Devil? I suspect this team will start proliferating until the devs nerf it.

What do y’all think?

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I just encountered them too, one turn killed them so I guess I’ll have to get another round against them to forge an opinion x)

A lucky loop, or something more bulletproof?

The trouble is that they poison you on the first hit, and unless you cleanse it the next will do massive damage to the weakened troop.

I guess you could counter with Mercy x4…


Impervious troops to the rescue!

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Does the AI skip Impervious troops when it targets spells like this? Would you need an entire team to be Impervious to counter?

I ran a similar team when MoS got its rework.

Scale Guard
Scale Guard
Scale Guard

Awfully strong but boring to play, so I scrapped it. But by running such a team I noticed all the troops that are immune to poison for the first time, like Bone Dragon

I’ve seen this team. It’s definitely annoying, but far from unbeatable.

The thing about Empowered troops without board control is, they lose the turn when casting, so need at least 4 turns to cast them all. The team I use is fast enough and with plenty board control, so 4 turns are way more than the enemy can afford.

That’s fair. I’ll take in Sturdy and Impervious troops next time.

Mercy / Valk / Mab. Mab loves empowered troop when she get to tear them down before they can move a finger :wink:

Besides, my frontline had impervious and is expendable, so it could take in a few shots, either by spell or skull :stuck_out_tongue:

I went in with that combo the first time, but Mercy couldn’t chain first turn.

I like mercy, but I have her able to chain on first turn about 10% of the time.

And this is after they preemptively changed Scale Guard’s traits to try to prevent this sort of thing…

I use Psion, with the right banner he/she can launch after two or three turns. Have Gorgotha up front and leave skulls to tantalise the enemy to waste a go or two.

Saw this team twice, took it down easily with a true damage team.

I use a team with true damage too like @RiverSong. True damage does the job quite quickly. Couple of times Gorgotha in front line was killed off but still got the job done.

I beat this with my control team, but it took a lot of work as I didn’t have a big combo early and they took out my tank in three turns. I was very defensive in my play and removed the reds ahead of everything else. It would be a really cheesy team to have to deal with if not for the ability to exploit the AI’s weaknesses (no look-ahead).

I expect we’ll be seeing this comp a lot on defense going forward. It’s 4x one Common troop, so barrier to entry is basically the same as agile trueshot was.

And then there is this guy.

Sorry, I fail to see what you are intending to convey here. Are you saying you would just eat your troops to prevent them from being assassinated?

You do relize that the way the beasts are facing shows what side of the board they are on, This is the enemy teams line-up not mine.