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[SOLVED] Soulforge: Champion of Anu?

EDIT: Not a bug, see last post.

So, according to Taran’s World, we’re still in “cycle 15” for the Soul Forge. There are still 7 Mythics that haven’t made an appearance as part of this cycle. However, Champion of Anu has shown up again before these other Mythics, and is already part of “cycle 16”.

Bug? Weird quirk?

(edited to correct myself)

Good question, havent seen this behavoir before.
Maybe a bug because of the very similar Names of the two Champions? Only first 10 Characters count? :joy:

Looking further back at Taran’s history, I think the cycles are OK and it’s just an error in what’s being labeled as what cycle.

For some reason*, the Soulforge troops available on February 10th were counted as both cycle 14 and 15 on the site. Champion of Anu was in that set. So he actually hasn’t shown up in cycle 15 until today.

EDIT: *The some reason is the bug that had the epic Tutankhatmun in the Soulforge on Feb 10. Looks like they fixed the next day, and this caused a duplicate set of data on his website.

Please feel free to lock the topic as it’s not a game bug. I’ll let Taran know.


@Taransworld can you correct this in your data?

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thanks for clarifying this, so we are still in cycle 15 :sweat_smile:
so, still 9 Mythics left in cycle 15 with half of them very useful.

I have removed the duplicate troops from the Feb 11th, which I believe fixed the issue. Thank you @Voq for pointing out the exact problem (made my job easy). :smiley:

Ps. Thank you @Live for calling me into this thread.


@Taransworld Thanks! Can you also check Wulfgarok? He seems to be one cycle to late…

I’ll send you a private message to discuss this.

@Taransworld, Same with Aquaticus

@Live and @branso666, I have made the changes suggested. These kind of changes have ripple effects so let me know if it looks ok now and nothing else got messed up. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Looks good now - hope we dont see Wulfgarok next week in the forge :rofl:

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