Asking for advice: Get Possessed King now or wait for Darkstone week?

I didn’t check the soulforge until today and I see that the Possessed King is in there. Damn, his artwork is cool and it seems to me with the right team he can be a lot of fun. The problem is I was saving up the diamonds for Megavore this cycle.

So there is two ways I can go: I can get Possessed King now and just wait for Megavore and hopefully I’ll have enough diamonds by then or I can stick with my plan on crafting Megavore and try to get him with event chests when Darkstone comes around in the end of February (according to Taran). The problem with the second plan is the new Mythic is coming up in a couple of weeks and I was originally going to use the event keys for that.

What do you guys think I should do? My brother thinks I’m thinking too far ahead. He said to just get the Possessed King now and worry about Megavore later. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I personally love TPK; he’s on many of my teams for his third trait, even though I pretty much never cast his spell. I never use Megavore, for a couple of reasons. First, his spell is amazing the first time and pedestrian on any future casts; and I think I can do better for the 48+ mana it takes to fill him multiple times. Second, his spell seems perfectly suited to modes with scaling enemy levels (Tower of Doom, Raid, Invasion, Delve). But Dooms, Zuul’Goth, and Towers are immune to instakill, which makes Megavore’s third trait useless in a lot of the content where I most want to use him.

In short, get TPK now and worry about Megavore later. Opinions will vary, I’m sure. I think the mythic tier list on Steam has those two troops switched in terms of their ranking. But I’m right and they’re wrong, so there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m with @Grundulum on this one. I really like TPK and I use him in the biggest majority of my teams for his third trait alone. It will gain you quite a bit of mana over the course of a match. And like @Grundulum, I rarely cast him as it can sometimes backfire against you, unless it is a finishing move. I use him much like how I used to use Queen Aurora, but from my experiences TPK will gain you more mana on average.
If I had to choose between Megavore or TPK to craft; I definitely choose TPK.

Something else to keep in mind… if you decide not to craft him and instead try and get him during the next Darkstone event; it’s about a 1/1000 shot with event keys so the odds will be stacked against you.

But I have to disagree with your brother a little bit :grin: I always like to plan as far ahead as possible. It will ultimately save you resources in the end by doing so. Just as the old saying goes; “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”


The chances of you getting TPK in event chests is 1/1000.
The chances of you being able to craft him is 100%.
On a couple alts I’m planning to wait until Sunday. Use all my keys and then decide to craft or not to craft then. Hopefully I’ll get him from chests so that the decision will be easy.
(The next Mythic coming out is okay… Megavore and TPK are much more valuable)

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I posted first and then read your comment. I find it amazing that we both made up the same odds. :grinning:

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Well, basically what others have said: crafting is certain, key opening is like throwing darts blindfolded - you could hit that bulls-eye but…
Not impossible, of course, (I did pull my third Euryali on Monday while fishing for one missing Viper to ascend or that time when I got Ubastet just days after crafting him in Soulforge) but quite impractical.


This part is totally wrong. You should never ever do that - it’s just wasting event keys.
Mythics are always released in glory/gem/guild/VIP chests. Event chests only contain kingdom-specific mythics during respective kingdom week.

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holy crap, THANK YOU for correcting me on my mistake thinking the new Mythic will be in the event chests. It was going to be my first time going for a newly released mythic and I could have blown all those event keys for no reason…

And thank you everybody for advice on what to do. It looks like I’ll be crafting TPK when I get home. Any additional input is welcomed. Thanks again.


I wouldn’t craft TPK over Megavore. Paging @EliteMasterEric and his mythic guide.

Megavore is exceptionally powerful. It strips the entire enemy team of armor, which is invaluable in scaling events. It also does damage that scales 2x with magic. The third trait is a thing that exists, but Megavore operates equivalent to a cheaper Pharos-Ra in terms of damage.

TPK is a guy you slam into slot 4 for the explosion benefit. It’s good, no question about it.

But I feel like the two scenarios for using these troops differ in a key way:

  • When building a team you ask, “Can this team use Megavore?”
  • When finished building a team you ask, “What’s a good 4th slot? Oh yeah, TPK exists.”

By that I mean you can and will build event teams around the concept of using Megavore, but TPK is a thing you put onto an already-good team to make it better. By that measure alone, Megavore is worth more.

A small aside is I guess if you already feel like you’re rocking Delves and Pet Rescues, you can decide to defer Megavore in favor of TPK. But I still argue “Megavore wins games, TPK makes clunky teams more consistent.”

If you go for a mythic in event chests, you’re highly likely to learn the hard way what a bad idea that is.

The Possessed King is a good Mythic, better get him now and work on Darkstone stars.


Wow you make a compelling argument. It really does look like I have some more thinking to do. I’m at the office right now where I should be thinking about the market and instead my mind is on gems of war. Jeez I don’t deserve this gig. Thanks for your write up. It is definitely something I should think about before making my decision.


I think I’m a little naive when it comes to the event chests. About a month ago I got Elemaugrim from the event chests on my around 60th pull and just last week I got High King Irongut on my exactly 40th pull. I realized I was lucky but I didn’t realize HOW LUCKY I was until I posted how quickly I pulled Irongut and everyone was congratulating me and giving me odds numbers. So you are most likely right that I may not be as lucky again.

Gaaaaahhhh! Decisions! Decisions!

I don’t know what you have m8. But first get infenus and My Avatar. If you use Luna with titan class you already have TPK and more. In my opinion he is not that Good.
But it’s up to you. Cheers

TPK 3rd trait > Megavore > TPK

Both are worth getting, but not mandatory. There’s probably better mythics you’re missing.

If you had to choose one or the other, TPK has more practical uses.

Edit: Worth noting TPK’s transform works nicely with Irongut. If they’re immune to devour, then transform them so they can be devoured.

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Megavore is fine, but for my money, TPK is the best support troop in the game. He can dramatically speed up pretty much any deck with a color converter, and let’s face it, speed is a huge factor in wins.

I use Megavore occasionally in pet battles and Guild War. I use TPK every day.

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Alright guys, first off i just want to give everybody a big thank you for the suggestions.

I decided to go with TPK. From just reading everyone’s response it just sounded to me TPK is a little more fun to use. That wasn’t the end all be all of my decision making… My brother pointed out that I can go with either one as both will always be in the soulforge so why not just get what’s available now? It’s also still possible to save up enough diamonds again to get Megavore if he pops up at the end of the cycle.

What I also should have done was post the Mythics I have already. That probably would have made it easier for you guys to help me out so for that i messed up and I am sorry.

thank you all again.

ps: just to list them out, these are the mythic cards i have now after getting TPK:

High King Irongut
The Possessed King

I would go for champion of anu next
Euryalie and yasmine also very nice

I brought this up in the spoiler thread, but based on @Ghaleon’s experience with Voice of Orpheus, the mythic coming out next Friday will possibly be in event chests the following week. So even if you don’t get him, there is another shot literally right around the corner.

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So it looks like I’ll be able to get megavore in this cycle after all. After getting TPK I had a little under 3000 diamonds left. After this weekend I have close to 3200. Since he’s not up in the soulforge this week I can use this week to get more and if he pops up next Monday I’ll have enough diamonds by the end of the week to forge him. Yay! Of course if someone else I want pops up in the Soulforge I’m screwed cough Gard’s Avatar cough

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Tpk plus titan hero = splodey goodness