Is TPK worth my hard earned diamonds?

I understand the 3rd trait is good but other than that I don’t understand why some players think this guy is so great especially under the 4.6.5 environment

The Possessed King is possibly the best mythic troop in the game. He generates mana passively constantly, meaning you can cast your damagers more often.

Exploding gems gives you mana, but can potentially leave the board in a state the AI can take advantage of. TPK only explodes on a 4+ match, meaning you were going to keep the turn anyway.


Worth the diamonds? Hell yes!

You really can’t underestimate that 3rd trait. With a storm running, it is an amazing mana generator. This is especially true if you pair him with another troop that explodes or transforms colors.

His spell is also helpful when running him with troops like High King Irongut. TPK can turn an undevourable troop into something HKI can eat.

I use TPK a lot with my teams used for scaling content. I also use him in PVP. He’s just all around useful.


Yes yes yes 100000 yes :100:

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TPK is not a one-man army like infernus, it’s not a mythic that you build the team around like HKI, but it’s easily one of the best mythics in game, that can fit into almost any team and will make it stronger.


Yes, he’s totally worth it, not least for when you’re facing an annoying team that keeps spamming Spiders or repeatedly puting up Barrier…

Zap: Oops, sorry, you’re a Demon now…! :rofl:


One of my favorite troops for GW, totally worth it imo. :100:

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YES… yes yes (10 characters)

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Forge him. You won’t go back.

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He’s a great Mythic indeed. But most of my builds have Leprechaun in the bottom instead - for explosions. :sunglasses:

However The Possessed King can be blocked for all his colors and still be useful through the match, it’s great for it’s trait and then a somewhat ok spell on top.

One of the very very few mythics where having a duplicate can be useful. Not that often, but every now and then I use a team with 2 TPK. And for just one, each time I have a team that works pretty well in just 3 slots the 4th one goes automatically to TPK. It’s one of my most used mythics after maybe irongut and infernus.


One of the best Mythics in the game, if not the best, for his versatility and mana generation. As Grundulum mentioned, whenever his explosion procs, it means you have an extra turn (unless something is frozen and prevents you), so you can benefit from his trait without worrying about the state of the board.

His transform also gets better the less enemy troops there are (similar to how Aquaticus can hit a single target three times if there is only one troop left). With only one enemy troop left, for instance, his 20% chance to transform will hit that troop three times, instead of three 20% chances spread among all the enemy troops.


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.


Agree with the above posters. TPK is probably my most used troop, specifically for his last trait and not for his ability. I would craft him in a heartbeat if i didn’t have him.


Yes. He can not only make a team viable that has only one active converter (so you don’t need to form a converter loop, which is slower, or converter to active exploder, which is slower and riskier) , but he can also significantly speed up the use of teams that rely on gem conversion. You can sometimes even get away with not using an active generator at all, and he can make stuff that chains into itself more reliable. For maximum effect, use with a storm, and every time you clear the board you get an average of 2-3 cascades from the explosions triggering cascades to trigger more 4 matches and fill the rest of your team.

By the way, he is more than twice as effective as the hero trait/talent due to the way mana is rounded on single gem explosion and the fact that the hero trait/talent are both restricted to a single color of gem. If you’ve used either of those with a storm and know how effective they can be, TPK is even more so.


tldr; ?

By far the most fun mythic to use :boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::gem_blue::gem_brown::gem_green::gem_purple::gem_red::gem_yellow: :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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No. I find him mediocre in most game modes. Yes he has a decent trait but that’s it. In high stat events he can be useful if he transforms and gives YP more to feed with. But he creates daemons that can themselves be problematic. He is a delve or doom troop at best…limited use elsewhere.

As a member of a GW B1 guild, I still love this card a lot. Definitely worth it.

Best mythic in the game imho. So versatile! And i Rarely even cast him… thats how good his trait is

He is worth 8000 diamonds if that answers your question :sunglasses:

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