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The Possessed Disappointment

I’m coming out of Forums Hibernation to voice this concern.

The Possessed King looks cool, his 3rd trait is a dream come true for me, but thanks to his absolutely terrible spell and his first 2 traits being useless, I’m feeling pretty let down at this point.

I have been playing with him for several hours since I got him yesterday, and almost EVERY time I cast his spell, it bites me in the butt. One example of a great many: The enemy had 3 troops left on their last legs, I went to cast The Possessed King, and all of a sudden the dying team was replaced with a full health Gargantaur, Famine, and Death. While they were “half-level”, I went on to lose at least another troop, which could have hurt my score in guild wars, or caused me to lose the match in general.

That was an extremely unlucky case, however, I am constantly trading dying enemies for full health daemons, many of which tend to be of higher rarity. Even the Lv 0 enemies spawned still prolong the match with new health, and can still pack a whallop with their spells.

I assume the design thoughts behind this was that you could strengthen your Possessed King’s spell with more enemy demons, but a +2 damage trade-off doesn’t seem to balance out for giving them full health troops, especially when luck is against you and they get legendary or mythic troops.

His spell would be 10 times more useful WITHOUT the second half. Just keep it the damage and it would be far more useful, let alone more strategically predictable.

And while I’m ripping into what I was hoping would be my new favorite troop, what’s with that first trait? Envy? That’s not even his kingdom. Having not read the lore because I don’t care to, I’m assuming that ties into a sinful daemon spirit “possessing” him, but 1), Envy is near useless for me unless utilized in his niche rolls, and 2), couldn’t he be Possessed by a darkstorm or something (or any other storm) so he could be a bit more useful? There are plenty of Darkstone troops that seem capable of corrupting ones’s mind, too.

I’m sure it was designed this way also, but if you want to use The Possessed King in GW, there goes putting him with some of the more useful daemons like Yao Guai, Gorgotha, or Wrath (one of the actual Sins, like Envy).

I’m not sure if my thoughts reflect any others’, but I figured I’d at least voice my opinion on the matter. It’s just a tad frustrating because I had been excited for this troop since I saw it months ago on Taransworld. At least I managed to bag him, I guess.


Counterpoint, but I think he’s a lot of fun for that hilarious third trait. Of course, I basically never cast his spell, though, because you’re quite right about it being terrible. At the very least it should attempt transforms first and then do its damage.


What do you mean by this bit?

Edit: Definitely agree the transform part of the spell isn’t ideal.

Basically he is only worth his weight in gold for his 3rd trait. Would it be more beneficial if the spell had a 20% chance to transform a random ally instead of your opponent? There really is no advantage of casting when it benefits the AI.


1 out of 10 mythics are about what’s useful.

I have always argued I’m fine with 90% of mythics having “one really cool thing” but not enough other things to make you see them as overpowering.

If every mythic were Infernus this would be a very chaotic game. If even like, 50% of mythics were what players consider “fair”, 3-2 would be a very admirable GW.

To me “a bad mythic” is something like Gargantaur, something that you can say, “Well it’s good if this releases…” but you know that’s never going to release. TPK has a trait that synergizes well with converters, cheap troops, and looks fun. Even if there’s no team for it today, it’s not hard to think of realistic troops that might make it work.

At the very least: it generates a lot more conversation than an Ubastet or a Gargantaur. The only two sides of those conversations have been “Should it get nerfed/buffed?” I prefer the mythics that come with “Actually I’m suspicious it has a niche, let’s wait for GW…”

Try him in this group, if you can, it’s pretty amazing.


If you don’t have the Staff, it will be available all day this Tuesday.


If/when the devs figure out how to make tranformation effects to “carry the same stats” they wouldn’t need to use such band-aid fix of Half-Level transformation.

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I have no doubts that he is fun, that’s why I was using him. I’ve also found great teams, like Wrath, Glaycion, The Possessed King, Bloodhammer. That team is seriously crazy. And I’m sure he has some good GW teams, I don’t doubt any of those points, and I also never called the troop itself useless.

My point is that he is unnecessarily crippled by the needless 2nd half of his spell. The other nit-picking is just that. And because of the unpredictability of his spell, on top of his trait ALREADY adding chaos, as well as his spell’s potential to REALLY hurt you, he seems like a poor choice for any GW right now, unless you just throw him on there and never cast his spell.

Maybe useful in Guild Wars defense? Can’t think of any other instance it would be useful.

Truly bonkers :heart::heart:
I guess I will keep a TPK team in my ranks after all :joy:


Just got crushed again @Zeddicus2017 . Your team is good, but surely have its bad momentos too :wink:

Lets not bless it too much, we know what happens then. Lets be honest.


With respect I think you have to be discerning these days choosing which of your teams to bring to the party. I certainly would not choose to fight the Yao/Tit/Tai team with TPK and doubt I would fight the other team without some imperv. The days of one size fits (fights) all are long gone !

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Ah, crushed many of them today with the team today. Losses happens sometimes no matter what teams we are up against. :slight_smile:

I tried a bunch of different teams based around the new mythic. More often than not I wound up avoiding casting his spell, and the best teams I came up with were based on exploiting that third trait and not using the cast at all. So, yeah, I’d agree that it’s a bit disappointing.

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Yeah same here. Best way i can use him is to find a good team with 3 troops and keep him in just for 3rd trait. Casting that spell does more harm than good usually

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Interestingly, while using the Possessed King to clear my dungeons, I noticed that the transform works a million times better in non-player modes, since the newly transformed troop doesn’t gain all of the kingdom stat bonuses. If he did damage AFTER that, as well, he probably would have killed it. Food for thought :thinking: (i.e. useful for delves, particularly with the explosions to remove blocks).


I’ve mostly been avoiding using his spell also. Not ideal lol…

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Transformation is good for distruption.
Of course killing is better then disrupting.
So use the guy for third trait (like Elemaugrim or Plague), and only use spell when you are losing not winning the match, and need to disrupt a good combo

Of course, that 3x 20% chance isn’t the most reliable thing for emergency disruptions. If you need something for that, I’m gonna point directly at Famine lol.