What non-EmpKhorvash/Maw/Mab comps are you playing right now?

I updated the title to help with the confusion over the troops.

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Funny how good Crude Club gets with magic bonuses!

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If you happen to write down something about the team you can put these considerations, but the thing is that Templar blocks brown for Alchemist and Valk blocks Red for him.

That’s why I use Mercy, it’s much more efficient. As for blocking, any build centered around one of the transformers is relying on overwhelming mana so blocking doesn’t really apply if you’re setting yourself up well.

@htismaqe Oh sorry, let me rephrase my previous post:

If you happen to write down something about the team you can put these considerations, as well as others you have:
Using Alchemist instead of Mercy:
“The thing is that Templar blocks brown mana for Alchemist and Valk blocks red mana for him if you follow the order posted. So it would be better to change the order, for example, moving Alchemist to the top.”

Using Sunweaver instead of Mercy:
“A bit slower without the chance to first cast Mercy then Valk, Templar, Rowanne, but Sunweaver does a great job buffing allie’s Health, Armor and Attack while providing some mana. New players can unlock Sunweaver and use her without any trait, Mercy depends on luck to be obtained and requires 12 Arcane Swamp to be at her full power/reliability.”

Done, without being interrupted at work this should be more clarifying. :slight_smile:

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And how fast you get up and running if it’s in the first to receive mana position

Team I’ve been using this week:


Works well, can swap Valkyrie and Death if you want to charge Valkyrie faster. Sylvanimora allows Psion to evade a bit of damage, the steal mana on skull hits can mean that blocking Death is less of an issue as well. It’s nice stealing mana from Emperor Khorvash himself and the Impervious Manticore isn’t resistant to Siphon either. :smiling_imp:

It’s glorious watching Deathmark trigger on 2+ troops at once. :grin:


It happened with three of mine. Funny stuff if it doesn’t happen too often.

Green Slime
Keeper of souls

Very fast, very fun, very loopy and very reliable.
Extra souls, double Necromancy trait, Water link, Nature link. The team has it for a nice, ACCURATE, skull spam. I hate having Sheggra, Infernal king or Bone dragon up but unable to safely cast. Keeper of souls is a sniper skull spammer. :wink:

2x Manticore + 2x Famine and such beats me once in 5 and mostly due to poor Gems distribition.

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While that looks like a fun team, I wouldn’t call anything fronting Abhorath “reliable.” He’s a roulette of a troop, and while he steamrolls teams once he’s got momentum built, he’s pretty fragile in the early game. I’ve seen him hand juicy boards over often enough that I can’t go to him when I “just gotta win” something.


When not using mab or khorvash I use.

Adana banner

Crescendo with sorcerer
Lol, I’m always playing around with this one by changing banner and troop order. Crescendo’s extra turn FTW :slight_smile:

yeah crescendo with bat is vicious.

While thinkering with teams i’m constantly sad that i don’t always have good options to use some themes around certain troops because the options to make the said teams efficient would break the theme. Gnolls for example.

Yeah i’m weird and not just only on this sense.

I wanted to build a team around @Nimhain (Amira) and the options to get mana generators were Hellcat and Giant Spider. None would fit, esthetically with Nimhain (Amira), so i went ahead and looked for another troop that could fit, and Spirit Fox seemed quite nice as a familiar for our tender-hearted assassin. Both are stealthy so they would stick around quite nicely, but i would still want some troop to generate mana and with Amira and Spirit Fox being purple the Giant Spider became more and more interesting so the obviously approach was to find an “owner” to adopt the spider, not a dificult task since there are some good options on Zhul’Kari.

Team Ladies and Pets:

Double Green Banner

Dark Maiden
Giant Spider
Spirit Fox

The team works well for beginners since the highest rarity is from Amira and she can be unlocked at Leonis Empire. With the rework on Zhul’Kari’s troops Dark Maiden become a good converter with healing powers (giving life to be more accurate) for the first troop as bonus, while the most common Zhul’Kari team would use a Spider Queen upfront because of her trait, Leader. But once you get Dark Maiden’s mana if you have certain combinations of gems around yellows you pretty much have an “all-colors @Lyya (Mercy)”.
(Sorry, i couldn’t resist the urge to repeat the joke with troop’s avatars/names, but it’s all in good spirit and healthy fun. :smile: )

Battle plan:
Dark Maiden will always gives herself life since she is the first troop, this increases her survival considerably. Also if green or red is surrounded by yellow she will recharge herself too. If you can turn yellow gems to get tons of blue mana you will be able to charge Giant Spider’s spell that will most likely charge Amira and Spirit Fox (if it is not fully traited or if you just fired it’s spell as first move).

Spirit Fox will get in the way of Dark Maiden, since she needs yellow gems, but sometimes the removal of the gems will also cascade into combinations of four or more of a kind giving you some occasional board manipulation bringing some new yellow gems too.

Nimhain (Amira) is here for the fun with True damage to bring down any blue troops you face because of the double damage, as well as stealing some magic for more damage later.

Giant Spider is the transformer and can provide some meat shield summoning spiders if Dark Maiden is slain.

Considering that you can almost fully trait this team using mostly cheap stones you have access to Webbed on skull damage with Dark Maiden, two Cursed traits to weaken the enemy (D. Maiden and Spirit Fox), Giant Spider will become fat because of her Big trait while also providing Magic Link, Venomous is not a “must have” since you could keep your Arcane Swamp for Lyya’s (Mercy’s) traits later when you get the troop.
Dark Maiden provides Nature Link as well, working fine for herself and her pet Giant Spider and sharing the greens with Nimhain’s (Amira’s) pet Spirit Fox too.
Awww, they are like BFF already… :joy:
(Nimhain) Amira don’t really need her traits, but if you feel like it’s nice to give her some lovely gems to unlock her powers, Spirit Fox would be best fully traited, but at least it’s cheap to do it.

Well, i hope i haven’t forgot any important consideration, and i hope you guys enjoy the team.


I like this! I’ve been trying to think of another way to use Amira and this certainly seems worth a try. Thanks!

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My attacking deck when Im not using EK Mab:

Sooth / Bat

Prismatic Orb (Sorcerer)

Valk / Green Seer
Giant Spider / Green Slime
Bone Dragon

Deep Borer
Black Manacles (Sorcerer)

Fire Lizard
Moloch / Djinn
Moloch / Siren

Latest deck i’ve been using a lot is:
Cauldron (Archer)
Infernal King
Star Gazer

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I ran into a similar defence to yours Zoo. It was Jarl/Gob Rocket/Moloch/Moloch.

Very painful with the burns, suppressions, damage and red/yellow looping.

lol yea. Jarl could be your best friend or your worst enemy. And AI seems pretty good at making Jarl its best friend XD.

I put fire lizard there as red creator + skull damage dealer with its pyromania. By the time Jarl died, usually all enemies already burn and AI tend to prioritize skull over mana. That’s why i choose lizard over gob rocket.

Moloch is there to pick up red/yellow overflow. Also since this deck almost always loop, suppressions almost always triggered. So even if they just sitting there do nothing, they still can do something annoying to the enemy. XD

Very. Freaking. Annoying.

Console just got Rakshanin so I built a full Wildfolk team (it’s a 3-Raksha team on PC). 30+ Attack on Shadow-Hunter is nice.

Rex Warrior***
Broken Banner (Blue/Brown), I’d do Lion’s Banner (Blue/Blue/Yellow, -1 Green) for PC

Edit: It’s deceptively good. There’s a Water Link and a Stone Link. Use Rex Warrior to kill off Troops so if/when SH goes down you still have a 30+ Attack front-Troop. Soothsayer helps generate Mana and control the board while adding damage to everyone’s Spells.

Strong against high Life teams and teams built around a Nuker.

Weak against Stoneskin-filled teams as they make for long battles. Avoid all long battles with this team.


Deep Borer
Settite Warrior

with double brown banner

crazy powerful one-shots, and the armor gained by borer actually matters as warrior can do even more damage with its ability. Chose either yellow or green for second color. You can also choose skulls if enough are on the board.


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