What non-EmpKhorvash/Maw/Mab comps are you playing right now?

Couple of Mist of Scales teams I like:

Marsh Raptor**
Hero with red weapon (currently Staff of Madness)
Naga Queen**

It’s fun, but The Raptor and Queen are still only Lvl 1!

Serpentine Dagger***
Venoxia*** or Poison Master** (!)
Scale Guard***
Naga Queen**

Also fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal: Poisons everywhere to assist with the Dagger instakills. :smiling_imp:


Hero with archer class and golden cog***

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Holy Moly Cow:
Knight with any purple weapon (Creeping Death in my case)
Settite Warrior*

Orion the Underdog:
Green Seer**

Board Control:
Crimson Bat

Dark Elven Team:
Spider Queen*
Dark Maiden***

I also run some counter teams to counter specific builds:

Giant Spider*
Dark Song

Dark Maiden

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I love this board control/skull damage team for how fast it is to win games:

Abhorath ()
Hellcat (
Alchemist (**)
Sheggra (*)

Once alchemist is charged, he and hellcat tag team (buffing abhorath and sheggra’s health) until sheggra has collected enough spill-over reds to fire. Often wins in 1 or 2 turns. If the board gets stuck, abhorath devours it and we go again.

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For thematic gameplay i like:
Winter Knight ***
Winter Wolf ***
Yeti ***
Valkyrie ***

Winter Knight being an “exploder” is helping build up mana as well as becoming a good tanker, Chill Touch is nice to allow extra damage from Yeti’s spell, if he comes down Winter Wolf being in second place is able to kill the enemy if it’s frozen (by Yeti’s spell or by skull damage from Winter Knight).

Winter Wolf having Water brand means it could be in first position because the combination of Hunter’s Mark and Frozen from it’s spell is devastating with Shatter, the last of it’s trait that deals double skull damage to frozen targets.

Yeti is able to target anyone with his spell, dealing double damage as explained before, in frozen targets. Since the team is mostly blue Yeti and Valkyrie provides double Water Link. I think there is no need to explain Valkyrie furthermore to anyone… :stuck_out_tongue:

The team also covers a lot of colors, aside from blue, and doesn’t block Valkyrie’s colors since she is the “main engine” to start using these spells. (But i really like Jackelope’s funny sounds and i’ll find a place for him later.)

I would use Mab instead of Winter Knight, changing the order of the troops obviously, but since the rules of the thread says “No Mab”. :slight_smile:

Edit: With extra free-time i provided some explanations on the team.


I’ve got a bunch of terrible but fun teams that might be good with a tweak or two, but I’ve got one team I regularly use that I didn’t get from someone else that’s reasonably effective:
Knight Coronet
Shadow Dragon
Wolf Knight

The idea is to get Knight Coronet and Shadow Dragon filled up, then cast Evernight when it will give you an extra turn, and chain straight into Cleave. You can put out a lot of damage in one turn this way, particularly if removing the purples will give you some skull cascades. Evernight will probably refill Shadow Dragon, so you can cast it again on your next turn, or work on charging up Knight Coronet and repeating the whole process. Wolf Knight doesn’t fill very quickly being mana-blocked, but he can take out anything that gets weak enough from the combination of Evernight’s poison and true damage. Cleave dealing regular damage instead of true damage certainly seems less than efficient, but the damage is pretty nice with all the purple Evernight generates.

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hah love some of the names, and interesting comps!

Good player, staying with the rules! Not like a few others!!! I love a good theme team too, I might have to steal this one. Although, I haven’t traited out any of the winter troops outside of Mab.

Just to be clear: “Emp” is Emperor Khorvash or Empowered? I think it’s the first, but i had to ask anyway.

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the first Ivar.

OT: Green Gooblox
Green seer

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Yep, thanks @therealwetwilly. Also, cool comp, looks frustrating as anything to play against.

My main team isn’t great for defense but out of hundreds of matches I’ve only lost a handful of times

Morithani Sycthe (Sorc***)
Giant Spider ***
Part of the defense problem is AI never uses KoS well but on offense I’ve had games where the opponent got 3 or less turns before I won. it can do fast magic damage with the Sycthe, huge skull damage with KoS and Valk/Spider synergy and with Giant Spider and some luck from KoS fill holes from targeted attacks (or Maw bites) most of the time if I lose its because I put in one of my other teams for the last fight and forgot to change back.

I have a goblin stuffing team as well because it’s faster.

And a Maw quick kill

But I don’t use it that much because I found my main team can mainly handle it if I’m careful.

I’ve got a few, but a different one is:

Dragon Rider***
Green Slime***

The goal is to use the match 4 and 5s to set things on fire, then use the 2x skull damage with the cascades. Not super strong, as you need to watch for immunity.

Wouldn’t Lava Elemental work better than Dimetraxia that has a chance to burn? His spell is cheap, explodes a gem getting some mana back, does damage and burns the first enemy and has Pyromania as well as Stoneskin, a good front troop i think.

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Probably, but I haven’t been able to ascend him yet, so his stats suck for me.

My favorite team is currently:

Sorcerer Hero with Creeping Death
Giant Spider

All fully traited, with purple banner. Two matches of 3 purple gems and Creeping Death is ready to fire. Valkyrie can feed Behemoth and Giant Spider. Giant Spider feeds Creeping Death.

Hero with Crude Club
Archon Statue
Centaur Scout

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I want to know the same. Right now I’m not using any teams that don’t contain Khorvash OR Empowered.

My two main teams right now are:

Khorvash / Valk / Behemoth / Hydra
Templar / Valk / Marcy / Rowanne

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Therealwetwilly confirmed that “Emp” stands for Emperor Korvash and PinkMooNinja re-confirmed it by thanking him.
On your second team you could consider Sunweaver instead of Mercy or Templar. A bit slower without the chance to first cast Mercy then Valk, Templar, Rowanne, but Sunweaver does a great job buffing allie’s Health, Armor and Attack while providing some mana.
If anything i think it’s a fair mention for an optional build because new players can unlock Sunweaver and use her without any trait, Mercy depends on luck to be obtained and requires 12 Arcane Swamp to be at her full power/reliability.


Yeah, it would work but it would slow it down. I’m using that team for Explore mode so fast is key because I want to churn through as fast as I can to get stones.

PS. Alchemist would work as well. The key is to get Rowanne filled as quickly as possible. Generate yellow to fill Valk, use Valk to fill Templar, use Templar to fill and buff Rowanne. Boom, all 4 enemies dead on first turn when using Mercy.

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