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Ranked PvP build diversity

Let’s talk PvP build diversity, specifically in ranked PvP. Better than before patch? Worse than before? Too early to tell?

I sure see a lot more Great Maws than I remember seeing before, but that might just be because people finally traited up their destroyer worms.

I haven’t seen much diversity, but i can say I am fielding a new team. For every win I get, I have 3 losses. Trying to adapt to the new meta.

I honestly think it’s a little early for this conversation as people are still trying to find their footing. I really have not seen much does diversity. I will say however that it has gotten me to start thinking about what I’m going to be doing for defense teams and offense teams I just haven’t had enough time to actually put anything into effect.

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Fair enough. Yeah, it’s a bit early. Was trying to come up with something more neutral to discuss. Lots of polarizing conversations here today.

No worries, I’ve been doing the same with a few posts.

I will say that I have adjusted my defense team probably four times since last night. When I logged in this morning I have 3 defensive wins which actually moved me into a new bracket, so that was really interesting!

Well, there are a couple big issues with the release :confused:

Anyway, people don’t field solo troops as defense anymore x)
As for my offensive deck, I haven’t changed a thing either, Mercy, Maw and IK are still too powerfull.

I might work around Queen Mab once I’m done with questing / PvPing

I need to get my Mab her third trait before I can consider her for a team :confused: And I have War, but man, three colors is hard to build around.

I definitely appreciate the post though. A nice change of pace.

My current defense:
Shadow Dragon

I’m still using:
Infernal King

Seems to be a lot more popular now that summons are buffed. I’ve fought my own defense several times since last night.

Bone Dragon
Giant Spider
Infernal King

Annoying :grin:

Yeah, those first two are a tricky 1-2. Almost an effective Maw counter, if there were such a thing (there isn’t).

I never looked at it like that. I really wanted to include Giant Spider and this was the first thing i came up with. I have played it three times, and i am very proud of it.

I think I’ve fought you a few times. The start of the fight is hairy.

Ok…summons may be too much lol