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Pvp ranked how to win

hi ive just started playing high end pvp ranked,and im lv 859,team power about 8500,with all kingdoms fully lvd,×half 5 stared,its took me 6 months pretty solid to get here,and i love the game,in pvp ranked i lose between 35 to 40%,all my troops are fully lvd,and fully traited,the ai just keeps shutting me down,thou i did make the top 30 in leader boards last week.,my question is ive started to look at the top 10 pvp rank players,and some are playing lv 80,team power 2500,half there traits,there armour and life is like 12-15,and these players are losing barely 1% of there battles!and there in the top ten leader board,! so can someone please please explain to me what im doing wrong?thanks for any feedback on this.

Seems like the team you are using is bad. No one can tell you what you do bad if you don’t tell us which team you are using.

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  1. Post the Invade team you are using, there might be an easy change to improve it.
  2. When you “look” at other players on the leaderboard, you are looking at their Defend team not their Invade team.

thanks for showing an intrest,gorgotha,bone dragon,sprit fox,sooth say,…(sometimes i swap emp k for bone dragon, all are full traited,)the ai teams are mostly ,manti,manti,deep bore,bone drag,and bone dragon keeps getting out first! im using correct colour banner,…my mana surges hardly ever come in the first 3-4 moves,so thats all i can put it down to,(ive over 145 masteries ,mana surge chance 60%,…so i cant realy do much more?

Players’ defense teams are not the teams they are actually PVPing with, so what you’re seeing there doesn’t reflect anything about their performance.

The invasion team you just posted doesn’t have a huge amount of synergy.

Your Bone Dragon will never charge before theirs with Gorgotha in front, and the strength of having two Empowered troops is somewhat nullified by having Gorgotha (the exploder) because you have access to so much mana once that starts going.

The Soothsayer in particular doesn’t really do much for your team - as far as the magic gain is concerned, Gorgotha doesn’t care, Bone Dragon doesn’t care, and Spirit Fox isn’t strong enough for it to matter.

Then you have a mixed win condition - one weak true damage troop (Spirit Fox - who is really only good for countering Mercy or fitting into pure true damage teams) and a skull generator (Bone Dragon, who benefits from having an attack booster troop somewhat but is otherwise just stupidly strong).

You also have no Blue troop, which is wasteful with an exploder on the team.

The Khorvash version of your team would be slightly better but still iffy. In particular, Khorvash doesn’t do a thing against the 2x Manticore + Deep Borer + Bone Dragon lineup because he can’t reach Bone Dragon.

Bare minimum, look at the teams you’re vsing and see why they work as well as they do.


i know sooths useless but you get extra brown,if i put emp knor in first position,the ai mants wil stun and bone dragon will finish it off,also are you saying that no players ever put up the same defend team,as the one there using to climb the pvp ranks,(like i say im knew to pvp rank so these questions may sound silly)?

also you say about player performance,surely player lv should give a good indication of what kind of team power they are at,…

Try this:
Emperor khorvash, valk, mab, mercy.

cheers mate, im missing mab any other decent options…

Actually, no. The # of (unique) troops they have available is probably a better indicator.
My husband at lvl 140ish is capable of fielding about the same strength of troops as I am at lvl 450ish. That’s because I got him in my (relatively highlevel) guild when he just started, but I only entered there around lvl 200ish.

Also, anyone willing to spend monies (and given the luck of encountering the correct legendary packs in the shop) could buy a good and synergistic team.

Note that I have never really felt limited by my progress in the game - there are enough troop compositions possible that are “easy” enough to acquire that you should be able to field a sufficiently reasonable team.

So let’s turn this into “help you build a good enough team for end-game PvP”:
Can you let us know which legendaries and mythics you have, and which epics you do not have (I am assuming you have everything of lower rarity available, but correct me if I’m wrong).

How is your supply of (arcane) traitstones in general (in other words, if we point at a card that needs traits, how easy is it for you to acquire them)?

Also please let us know if you would just like to get a few pointers or would like us to suggest a complete team.

Then try this one:
Sooth, valk, Crimson, Crimson.

lol i only have 1 crimson!

Do you have draakulis? If you have draakulis go for sooth, valk, Crimson, draakulis.
If not go emperor khorvash, valk, Crimson, sooth.
I’m surprised that at your level you are missing those troops. Seems to me like you are in a very inactive guild.

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That’s what it looks like to me as well.

tell me about it,my guild is in top 50,but in my starting days i kept changing around too much,im still missing alot of decent troops,like mab ,draak,war,abys,and a few more,cheers for the imput,im on my way to test the empk,valk,crim,sooth,team you suggest as there all good to go…

what colour banner on this team please,

Try +2 red :slight_smile:

ok cheers Don,and everyone else,

@crf First of all welcome to the PvP grind!
Secondly, there are some great suggestions above.
Thirdly, take a look at this list, you might find something you like!

Good Luck and Happy Hunting! :wink: