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Interesting PVP team encounters!

Just a thread where, if people would like; they can post screenshots of interesting teams they have encountered in PVP.
Coming across unique and interesting teams is a very rare delight so I thought I’d share what I have came across.

I’m aware that the first one is an old Maw Meta team, but still, it was nice to play against something different.



Are self nominations accepted?


Oh god, that’s a classic Maw team. Glad to see someone else is still using ancient strats in this day and age.

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Hey @Pew, you’re getting kudos for your fave team in this thread. :smiley:

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Some of My Sin of Maraj’s showcase teams from last week come back as PvP fight, and I have trouble beating then!

  • Sloth/Yao Guai/Divinia/Dawnbringer
  • Sunbird/Lust/Firebomb/Lust

Sinple team build, but quite deady if you don’t counter you properly!

Wooo! I’ve been keeping my Defense team old school :smiley: lol Glad you appreciated the switch up Bilbo :slight_smile:


Just awesome to see soemthing different for a change as it brings back the fun :slight_smile:

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Can’t remember the exact team, but I’ve played a few recently where opponent used bronzelock pistol and troops that create gold and damage based on gold. This was extremely effective and a completely new tactic that I had not encountered before (and yes I actually lost to this team, quite to my surprise). Pistol and another troop just kept looping over and over. If I come up against it again I will make note of the team.

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I see that Maw team quite often, actually.

I have also used that team for gw purple day defence

Death-by-gold is one of my favorite teams setups (at least for messing around)…also one that I am looking for new troops to make it better

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Bronzelock Pistol
Bonnie Rose
Cedric Sparklesack

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Yes that sounds about right, definitely had Bonnie Rose and cedric, was a pretty devastating team once it got going, I assume it was pistol and greed looping.

Greed has Empowered as a trait which drastically increases the gold reserve at start buffed by Cedric’s Gold Bag trait.

This in turn boosts the damage of Bonnie Rose since her damage scales with collected gold.

Bronzelock pistol is the main mana generator but also generates more gold on cast if you have it levelled.

It’s definitely a fun team to play with but the only downside is if you lose Bonnie Rose you will struggle with damage output :wink:


The Bronzelock Pistol setup is insane! I’ve encountered it a few times. The first time it completely wiped the floor with me.

Definitely one to try and cobble together at some point. Using my ingots for a few other legendaries first though!

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