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What are your team comps with the new mythic?

After my first two mythics I have drawn were very bad, I was lucky yesterday and got the new mythic, which seems pretty viable. :slight_smile:
Now I want you to ask, how much you like the new mythic (from a power level point of view) and what are your teams you use the new mythic in.

I heared at one point from Tacet, that he used it with Infernus, but sadly I don’t have him yet - but it seems there are several possible teams with the new mythic, so lets talk about them. ^^

Megavore, opens some interesting choices for a team of monsters, but then you would have some complications with mana generation in this aspect. But you could use Megavore + Scylla or Megavore + Kraken to focus on damage for the last enemies.

Glaycion as the first troop could also work for a monster themed team as a tanker and a gem converter for Blue+Doomskulls and paired with Scylla’s Bonestorm you can probably finish some battles very quickly.

Ignoring the monster theme is also ok, and you could probably try something using the Trolls, combine two trolls together that can double the gems of each other colors and Megavore so you can trigger his killing trait multiple times and cast his spell.

You can also try something like with with the classic duo of Valkyrie + Alchemist and maybe you could throw a good troop that also have a trait trigger for 4/5 matches. Maybe Khorvash or Mab, you could also use Mercy to have some cleanse, healing and extra loops.


One of my guildies shared this team



I used a similar team like that in delve(110) today and it worked really well. Used my Hero as barrier-tank instead of Mercy.
Now in my experience so far the trait is too unreliable to game it efficiently. Yeah you could loop forever to do that but i fail to see the point in making your games so long.
However the spell is brutal in a mode like that, trashing 300+ armor, being kinda oneshot-ish sure, though consecutive casts still do relevant damage.
Started seeing trait procs just as a bonus instead of chain transforming to game it, and i was very happy with the result, definitely gonna try to build a less loopy team for it now.

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I’ve been running Hero + Divinia + Jarl Firemantle + Megavore

Mountain Crusher works well with Dragon Guard / Bard / Titan / Sunspear so far

I’m using:

Lady Anariel

Green Purple banner.

Webspinner is often a self-looper, Anariel helps boost WS with Blue Green gems and gives Life.

Dryad gives Life and creates Green for WS and Megavore just sits in wait and is really tough :+1:

I haven’t found a team with it that makes me super excited yet. It feels like Megavore is a good troop, but not a broken one. Every team I’ve seen and tried so far has fairly common scenarios where it’s a non-starter. Everyone wants that third trait to be a game-breaker, but 8% is apparently just not enough. That ability, though? The first hit is really hard, and the next hits aren’t so bad.

Find me a troop that can boost magic by 10 or 15 points and this is going to get nerfed hard.