What is your opinions about the Gun Laws in America?


Sadly, yet again there has been people died by gunmens in USA. Yesterday an artist was shoot and died later in hospital in Orlando. Then today far worse, also in Orlando, there was a mass killing at Club Pulse, over 50 people is confirmed dead. This is just so horrible, and one will have to ask ourselves if it ever will end. My love goes out to the innocent people and their families.

So I hope that there is some Americans here as well as other that has a good insight in American Laws/politics. As an european I have problem to understand why the laws has not been changed, after seeing so many innocent people has lost their lifes by these gunmens.

Please try to keep it calm when you discuss with each other, so Sirrian won’t have to close the thread…

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I also cant understand this…

The Americans seems to feel “safer” when they are allowed to carry weapons - but the opposite is happening. Just compare how many people got shot in EU and US.

The Weapon Lobby is just to strong, so they wont stop killing each other^^


Canada has more firearms per capita than America, yet we have a very decreased amount of gun violence comparatively. It’s their culture that breeds the violence. Ever since Columbine, mass shootings are like a fad now.

What do you expect from a country founded by belligerent rebels who started a war because they didn’t want to pay their taxes to the Crown?


50 people would not have been killed if a few of them had guns. The more restrictive the gun laws, the more shootings there will be.

When no one but the shooter has a gun, he has a long time to shoot before police show up.

Southern boarder is wide open, and that is where many guns come from. A lot of people want to keep the boarder open for anyone to cross.


There is a reason the U.S. constitution has the right to keep and bear arms. This shooting was done by a radical Muslim. They don’t seem to like gay people too well. We rebels who didn’t want to pay taxes to the crown weren’t, by and large, Muslim. Acts of violence occur in every country among every ethnicity, and every religious persuasion. Ask the devs from Oz what, statistically, happened to the crime rate when they banned guns.

Think it all the way through people before getting on your high horse, there are millions of gun owners who are law abiding and do not do these things. Perhaps if they put THOSE people in TV attitudes would change.
My wife has guns, I do not. If an armed criminal breaks into your house with the intent of robbing you and hurting your family, you rather wait for the police? Good luck with that.


To be honest, i have no fear that someone breaks i to my house who wants to hurt us… This wont happen in germany. We dont have to be afraid to get murdered^^

Its the last thing that would come in my mind, that someone could kill me.

No Weapons - no fear!


How are those Syrian refugees treatin Ya?


By the way? The German Israelis felt the same way in the '30s



If your wife owns guns, so do you.


Not true. They are hers. They are registered in her name and I have no access to them. They are secured in a locked safe. If I wanted a firearm, I would buy one, but I don’t. I am not of the opinion that guns are harmful. It takes a person to pull a trigger. Personal responsibility is very much on the decline in the US. I could write several pages on what is wrong with our country from lack of parenting, to the removal of certain aspects of morality in the education system to the glorification of violence on the television and in movies to overworked underpaid parents who use the TV as a babysitter because the lack of income makes it impossible for one parent to stay at home full time to raise kids right. The decline of civility and western civilization as a whole is real and tragic.

But again… This was a radical Islamist.


Guns were designed to murder people. End of story. USA’s laws are ridiculous, I don’t care if other countries have more guns and less deaths or whatever - if it keeps happening then the NRA needs to be told whats what.

I had some more violent expressions for what needs to be done with the NRA but that wouldn’t really suit the point…

I’m not going to get into this discussion, literally muting this whole thing right now, but that’s my opinion and I’ll stand by it.

Gun control discussion

She may be the registered owner, but everything is considered jointly owned in a marriage.

I agree with your opinion that it’s down to personal responsibility. The US is a culture of fads, everyone copying what is “in”. With mass shootings being so heavily covered by the media, people think that it is a way to get their message heard.

Also, it isn’t only radical Islamists that commit mass shootings. What is worse are emo, mostly Caucasian kids and young adults who shoot up schools. Radical Islamists at least, usually not always, target the military.


One of the biggest problems currently is that there is a legislative ban on research into the effects of gun violence. No, really. It’s a lobbying effort by - you guessed it - the National Rifle Association, which, if you’re not from here and aren’t aware, is the biggest national pro-gun group there is, and they have their hands into anything related to guns. They spend millions each year influencing government decisions concerning gun laws. And, for the past couple of decades, they have actively prevented any new research on anything involving guns, including safety, mental health requirements, etc.

Also, in my opinion, there is a large problem concerning the Second Amendment, which grants the “right to bear arms.” The problem being that this has not been changed in any way since the Amendments were written, which is about ten years after the Constitution, if I remember by civics class right. In those intervening two hundred plus years, everything about our society and culture has changed dramatically, but the Amendment has stayed the same. It talks about a “well-ordered militia,” for goodness’ sake. Back then, a citizen’s militia would have been reasonable, in order to make sure that the government did not overstep and impinge on citizens’ rights. Now, do you think that a few rifles, even a few automatics, are going to help you against the full military?

I’m not sure how I would change the Amendment, but given what is going on today, I do think there should be some revision to be considered. But alas, since we have slipped into an oligarchy and have allowed ourselves to continue to believe in the well-placed illusion that we are still a democracy, not much will change, I fear…


I’ll keep it short.

No gun law has ever saved a life. People able to use guns to defend themselves have.

It’s becoming clear the attack in Orlando was a terrorist attack. May the victims rest in peace. May the perpetrator burn in Hell.


Ah, modern democracy…


Yeah because privately owning a gun would have helped them to fend of a fascist regime with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and their entire war machinery…


Speaking as a gun owner (but not a gun enthusiast) who lives in Anerica, I’d just like to point out that most gun murders take place in locales with restrictive gun laws, for example Chicago, DC, and gun free zones. In fact, that last category accounts for pretty much all the mass shootings that made the news in recent years. Meanwhile, places with high gun ownership rates (rural areas, particularly in the south and west) tend to have not only lower gun crime rates, but lower overall crime rates. Lots of things contribute to crime rates, and if you’re interested in prevent crime generally rather than JUST gun crime, you need to look at a much broader array of data than just mass shootings.

As to the Hitler vs. armed Jews question, it is worth noting that Hitler had guns in Germany registered before he went full on tyrannical. It only stands to reason that a would-be dictator would want to A) know where all the guns were, and B) confiscate them before attempting a take-over. Otherwise he has to think twice, and while an armed population MIGHT not stop the dictator’s army, an unarmed populace CERTAINLY won’t.


I’m kind of confused because as usual most of the things being said here are by people not from the United States or they are just making blind accusations. (TaliaParks) The person in question that committed the crime was a security guard that passed several background checks and was approved to carry a gun on the job. So if he was approved for that, he obviously was most likely approved for the purchasing of any gun. You can’t keep everyone 100% safe 100% of the time. The world we live in now is full of terror. Think about what you are asking; Someone who has never committed a crime and has no history of mental issues, will get approved for a gun no questions asked. That is hard to prevent. There are several measures that could be done, but nothing will stop it. Wishful thinking there folks. As long as the world has existed, peace hasn’t existed. Just continue being a positive influence, be good to one another, and pray for the safety of all.

edit: Also it isn’t fair to group all problems into one problem. They are separate. You have terrorism, mental health issues, bullying. Tons of factors. You cannot get to the heart of any of those issues. None. You can help, but you can’t make it all go away.

To take a quote from the Warcraft movie that just came out:
“From Light comes Darkness and from Darkness come Light.”

Whatever you believe in…Both good and evil exists in this world. You can’t have one without the other, but here’s to trying. Cheers.


You mentioned bullying as an excuse? Proof right there society is going downhill.

“Bullying” was 100x worse in the old days and there were a hell of a lot less atrocious crimes commited. One root problem is we have a whole generation raised on “you can do anything you put your mind to” and “everyone’s opinions are equal/valid”

You raise children on lies, you get disenfranchisement at this magnitude.


Society by and large is not going down hill,everything just gets overblown by media and how easily information can get to everyone compaired to even 15-20 years ago.There are just much more people than there used to be,when my father was born there were only 2 and a half billion people on earth! :slight_smile: