Thoughts and prayers with those from Brussels, Belgium


My deepest sympathies are with all of our members from Belgium . I hope that everyone and their families are ok.


You are such a good person, Macawi.:slight_smile: Let us hope that good things will happens to those families that lost someone today.


Thank you for starting this topic, Macawi.
My thoughts are with those that, in any way, are hurt by this attack.


Read about the deaths this morning…my heart sank in deep sorrow. The families of the victims will be in my heart.


these never get easier no matter where they are (i was in oklahoma in 95 and my husband was military in 01) - my heart goes out to you all.


Good thread. Horror anywhere in the world is unacceptable. My thoughts to all who sufferred in these senseless attacks.


The scary part is that (for those of us in the Netherlands) it seems to be getting closer to home every time. Madrid, Paris and now Brussels (which is only 100 miles south of where I live (and I also travel to work by subway every morning)). There was actually police here at the subway stations last night and this morning. I’ve never seen that before.

I can only echo the opening post…
My deepest sympathies are with all of our members from Belgium.


Agree… I work in London and was there in 2005 when we had attacks… Really something that should never be part of our world…