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Pray for Las Vegas

Humans have the capacity for beautiful love…and exceptional cruelty.


@lyya, I was going to start a similar thread.
Thank you for doing this.

What a horrible tragedy… :cry:

Prayers are needed indeed.


Truly shocking…

I am not a praying man but my heart goes out to the victims.

In times like this i like to remember all the beauty in this world and how many wonderful, intelligent, and creative people there are.



I woke up to these news today, truly sad and we are all together on days like this.


ill have to look into it pray if anyone did actually die, but dont worry with 99% of these they are crisis actors for a drill event.sadly the news says 100% are real for agendas

Do I want to know what happened?

@Alkali probably not… Its real bad

Holy s** 50 deaths and 400 wounded this is so sad…


Such a horrible and terrifying event. I was shocked by the magnitude of it.

This may cause an argument, but it has to be said.

I’m all for people having the right to own guns, but for God’s sake there is no good reason whatsoever that the general populous has need of military grade or automatic weapons. I’ll never understand why this argument still persists in the US. How many senseless tragedies like this need to occur?

@vanyel i would be glad to have this discussion with you but please not here. I feel this thread should be a tribute to the victims.

You are literally insane. Seek help.

No, action is needed. Gun control is needed. Mental help is needed. “Thoughts and prayers” are why this is still a problem.

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While I agree, and I was appalled to hear the Today show say that Automatic Weapons are RARE in our country… no words…

And as my wife put it: “No deer hunter needs an automatic weapon.”

BUT, do not discount the power of prayer, some might argue THAT is the reason why there are so many problems in the world today. :wink:


“Hoping really hard” doesn’t do anything. Only doing something does something…tautological, yes, but no less true.



I don’t want to derail the thread, so this will be the last I say:

I agree with you.

Prayer without action can be as empty as action without prayer.

But from personal experience, I have seen prayer work where “action” was not possible. Feel free to PM me if you want to continue this conversation. :wink:

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look at the faces of the people who get interviewed during these types of events ,most of them have dupers delight,some of them repetitively look off to the side as if waiting for someone to affirm what they just said sounded good.

The irony, pointlessness, and patheticness of “Pray for…” anything. Pray for Vegas is dumbest thing can say. I really don’t understand what you think Pray for will actually do. Well probably nothing, same as pray has always done since forever.

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