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Steve Fawkner has unlimited rights to all my ideas

Steve Fawkner has unlimited rights to any and all ideas I freely post in these forums. I understand that by posting I relinquish all rights. I have no expectation for either monetary nor personal reimbursement
Is that good enough for the lawyers?


Past and present. Lol

I hate fucking lawyers. They’re lousy in bed lol

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This sort of post is worth nothing in terms of actually transferring your automatic copyright. In the US, at least.


Lawyers might disagree based on intent. My ex was clerk of court lol

I would gladly trade some of my ideas for souls in-game… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m down to one last kingdom’s challenges and then things will become even more grindy.

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Dang! That means my card game idea could never become a reality (when/if I ever share it).
Most unfortunate.

No it doesn’t – there are ways to sign over the rights to specific submissions (see any fan-created contest submission rules for online games). It’s just not as simple as making a blanket statement like the OP did.

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not even in Murica?

I’m a lawyer, but I don’t do copyright law. Honestly I would think that the OP would be a very solid defense if he were to ever sue, frankly. I can’t imagine any lawyer continuing with his case after this post were turned over as evidence either. BUT, as I said this isn’t my area of law. I’d be very shocked if I were wrong though.

Hope you don’t do contract law either lol. What do they teach in law school these days?
As much as I’d like to freely give up ideas, there has to be renumeration on both sides even if it is petty.
I drunk post, what’s your excuse Mr lawyer lol

Other than that a post can be edited to say anything.


Brief period of being sober lol
Naw, I’m still drunk lol
But a sub forum could be made where people can make suggestions that they blah blah freely give away.
Argh, I can’t stand lawyers, especially dumb ones. Curse you alcohol and dragging me back again, or whatever the movie quote was.

haha i have to agree.