Possibly another art copy issue

Looks like the weapon Medusa Tome and the app Duels RPG share the same slightly modified graphics asset:



Not sure who copied from whom, the devs might want to look into this one.


I wonder if it’s legal (acceptable) to have one digital art company selling their art to multiple developers.
Based on how upset Sirrian was when someone stole someone else’s art work. I assumed this may have been his solution. Less original art, but tremendously less likely to infringe on others copyright.
I assume the contract would dictate all liability of copyright art to the company responsible for providing GoW’s art.

This is just absurd. I thought there was a little more respect and integrity for the artwork than this :yuck:

I have some answers for you all!

The art used for Medusa’s Tome has been licensed from a content creator called REXXARD. His work is really nice, and his licenses aren’t exclusive. This means from time to time his work will pop up in other games. Often we license his work and then paint over it, changing details and merging them with other designs, instead of using a single image as it appears originally. However, we used this image for Medusa’s Tome as it was a strong piece to begin with.

No conspiracy here! This is very standard practice, and isn’t an issue with copyright infringement for either game.

For some further information, we have artists in house, and also use a company called concept art house for the majority of the art in Gems of War. Our in house artists work with concept art house to produce consistent, high quality art work that is licensed only to us. There have been a couple of instances over the past 5 years where something has slipped through the cracks, and we have always done our best to rectify it and get the art replaced. We also create most of our icons and resource symbols in house, but not all of them. There are a few assets in Gems of War (like Medusa’s Tome) that are licensed from other artists, which is why they might be seen else where.

If you are ever in doubt, please ask! I’ll do some digging and find out what has happened, and if necessary we will replace artwork. (ESPECIALLY if it violates copyright. The best examples of this are the art for Mervorax and Shentang’s original background.)


I played a game on the weekend that has a ton of very obvious “I’ve seen this before” icon art, including some from GoW. Combined with what Salty just said, that means I/we need to a bit less paranoid. (Vigilance is fine.)

That being said, Vel’Koz from League of Legends has got to be off-limits and certainly has never been a book before.