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Artist(s) of GEMS OF WAR?

Hello! I am new to the site (but not with the game), and I was wondering if anyone knows who the artist or artists of the game are and if they have a deviantart or an art site that I can find them at? I want to tell them how much I love their art but I wasn’t sure who to look up or where to find more art like this

@Saltypatra I know there was a post at one point on some of how the art is done. When crunch time calms a bit, perhaps a post like a Nimhain’s Lair on the art, where we could send people interest in it to read up.

@jaemal415 Hopefully someone remembers where the post talking a bit about the art process is located to point you to it. I also tagged Salty, as the Social Media Contact that may be able to point you in the right direction.


Here is a comment from @Nimhain on the subject.



Thanks @Lyya!

Yes, our art director Ashalind is amazing and she manages the rest of the art team. As such there isn’t really an official deviantart that can be visited. Sorry!


I was trying to remember which dev the new troop was named after - thanks for reminding me!

I presume Ashalind likes her in-game namesake. :wink:

Edit: On second thought, she’s named after two devs, isn’t she. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow @actreal you are so quick on the draw! She is indeed named after a few devs…


I’d like to know more… :slight_smile:

thank you! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

that’s alright! :slight_smile: