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Artwork artists

Okay, I made a small research and I know that Art Directior is Ashalind (Rhiannon Bolton). But, she doesn’t do all the images in game. It is clearly visible, because her style is way different in comparison to newest troops (Shentang for example).

So is there any chance that we could know what the other artists’ nicknames or names are?
I’d love to see their other artwork and maybe support them!


Hmmm… The style on some of her works reminds me of Warlords Saga of the Storm, a card game that had some success even here, despite not having any translation in Portuguese. But, after a quick search i found the artist who worked on Warlord SotS was Heather Bruton.

(Nothing really useful, but “bump”…)

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Here is a comment from Sirrian from a while back. (Also note that my comments in that thread were from a player perspective, and were just speculation at the time) And another similar response from Salty.

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So I pressume the only way to find others is by contacting with Ashalind? I will try then. Thanks for answers! :slight_smile:

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I was going to start a new thread about the GoW art but I thought I’d bump this first.

The artwork for Gems is awesome but I can find very little about the people involved, honestly I’m surprised there isn’t more coverage about them and their work.

750 plus cards, with 2 bespoke pictures on each card, come on guys, who are you??? <3

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While I normally frown upon necromancy, I can’t resist bumping a good ozball post.

And I watched the game’s credits, “Concept Art House” does the art.

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@UKresistance with the goods!

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