King of Daemons Playing Card

Wasn’t exactly sure what category in which to put this.

Just started design school and had to make a playing card for an assignment incorporating layer masks.

What do you think?

Personally I think the middle needs some work (looks a little too hard-cut), the splatter effect on the left middle is off, and I was thinking I should have put Pride in the top right as he gets lost in the bottom right, or switch him out for another daemon all together. The “TPK” in the bottom right is messed up but that was a saving issue.

All inputs are welcomed, just keep it civil!

For this project are copyrighted materials allowed? If so did you make sure to give the appropriate credit to IP2?

It looks good just want to make sure your giving the appropriate credit and following the rules.

Hey thanks for the reply.

Yes the appropriate credit was given to the devs when I turned in the assignment. It isn’t meant to be published, just to show our use of the tools we learned, it isn’t being credited to me in any way.

I figured not put the IP label here since it is obvious where it came from. Thank you for looking out on that front.

If the site/devs would like to me to include that on this version I would be happy to do that.