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Worst high school raffle prize ever lol AR-15

Mcalester mo high school football team raffle item this year was an AR-15 lol.
Im against gun control, but fck sakes what were they thinking .
Atleast it was the high school and not the elementary school

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Were students allowed to enter?

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@pell bro anyone 18 or older could buy a 10$ raffle ticket .
News Headline read
Parents up in Arms

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Eh, I don’t see a problem with this. As long as its transferred legally to a non-prohibited person, where’s the harm?

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God Bless America, eh?


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@pell no bronothing wrong with it lol.
Just ironic in todays political climate.

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Considering schools are “gun free zones” under the current retarded laws, I wondered about the legality of the organizer bringing a firearm to a school event. Apparently there is an exception for: (iv) an individual for use in a program approved by a school in the school zone. Does this mean I can carry if I get the principal/dean to sign off on it?

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I’d put money on it that the only thing that hit the school campus is a picture of the gun. Usually raffles like this have a picture of the prize and the FFL that is carrying it. So, there will be a sign that says “Win an AR-15 from Crazy Bob’s Gun Emporium!” and the gun is going to sit at the store until the transfer.


Everything wrong with America’s obsessive gun culture in one sentence.

Plenty of ignorance posted here… America was founded on freedom. There are a number of nations who trane adolescents in the use of firearms for a number of reasons. Go look at what the likes of china, Korea and Russia are doing within their schools. It’s all over the web. If you think your nation, your people, your fictitious Utopia exists without those willing to stop threats, you are mistaken.

Mentally Disturbed folks who wish to harm, do so to prey on the weak. They never charge into the well armed and ably defended. They pick on schools, or movie theaters, crowds at a Holiday celebration, or a night club. It happens world wide. These disturbed criminals will inflict their hate with bombs, with planes, with knives, vehicles, guns and list goes on.

If you don’t want your right to keep and bear arms, that’s your choice, in America - people have fought and died to defend your right to choose. However, make no mistake, freedom is fought for and earned constantly.

There are a number of corrupt nations and governments all over the world. There are a number of people who are held hostage by their own laws and government who wish they could rise up in mass to take back their country, but they are too complacent, unorganized or oppressed.

Americans stand and defend ourselves against all threats foreign and domestic. Our allies ask for our defense assistance on a daily basis.

America is not obsessed with gun culture… that’s pure propaganda, agenda or ignorance talking. Media is full of it. Our bill of rights and constitution as well as Freedom we bring to our citizens is hinged on these freedoms. We don’t have the first amendment, without the second amendment in place to guarantee it. Folks like corrupt Obama, soon to be given the boot, are ever vigilant at trying to infringe upon those rights.

Ignorance is bliss, until you too need defended from a threat… enjoy the ignorance folks, but rest assured, there are those of us who have and are defending your utopia every hour of every day.

This is a game forum, and no place for political stabs. I’m done with this thread.

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No, I’d say the ignorance and propaganda leans on the side of people that would actually have the nerve to claim we don’t have a problem with gun violence here in the U.S. The mass shootings have gotten completely out of control. There is a reason comparable countries don’t have the same amount of domestic mass shootings that we do.


I wanted to be done with this thread… but that nonsense cannot go unanswered. So - feel free to say what you will following, I really am done after this.

If you are interested, you’re incorrect and echoing a liberal left agenda, not facts. The facts clearly state otherwise.

Gun’s don’t create violence, I have a number of them. They are not violent… they are inanimate objects. My gun doesn’t kill people on it’s own, nor do cars, or knives. It takes people. Forks don’t make people fat, pencils don’t fail to make people smart either.

If someone dies due to a vehicle, a plane or boat crashing into them… we don’t call that vehicle violence, plane violence or boat violence. Same goes from someone dieing from a knife attack, bludgeoning from a bat or mass casualties from a bomb. It’s not knife violence, bat violence or bomb violence. Being pushed off a roof isn’t gravity violence or ground violence either… In all cases, it’s murder. There can be any number of motives and their can be any number of implements of choice. However, a disturbed person set on destruction has only the limit of their imagination with how they will act out their carnage.

Mentally disturbed people hell bent on crime, chaos and/or terror are the source of the problem you are referencing. In all those cases a mental health issue exists for sure. Have you looked up the present, prior or last 75 years of death statistics in the US? I have. The CDC has the information readily available.

Look at the national data. Do you realize that “Gun Violence” isn’t even a category recognized by the federal records? Why is that? It’s because it’s propaganda from the left. The left has an agenda. Wake up and dig into the facts.

“In 2014, the leading causes of death were heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, unintentional injuries, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease, and suicide. These 10 causes of death accounted for 74% of the 2.6 million deaths in 2014.”

– Source, CDC federal report. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hus/hus15.pdf#019

Do you know that Homicide is on a steady decline since it’s peak in the 1980s? (Take a look at page 113.)

Did you know that gun purchases have been on the increase for a long time, but more guns were purchased by citizens during Obama’s administration, than any other president to date! Why are homicides going down? Just because the media covers mass casualty events, doesn’t mean there are more deaths now vs in the past. Especially when you factor we have more people now than the past - which I’m not even considering.

Deaths from firearms related activity are subset of homicides, accidents or suicides. However, it doesn’t even make the top 20 causes of death in America? So why is it so prevalent in the news media? Why don’t you hear about the literally hundreds of cases where gun carrying citizens defended and disarmed criminals? Because it doesn’t fit a narrative.

Your comments are laughable, but I’m not trying to insult your ignorance on this topic. I’m offering you an opportunity to educate yourself. More folks die from being overweight and related diseases or even car accidents than ALL homicides.

If you are going to talk about the miniscule side of deaths in America - did you know that in 2014 nearly 3x as many folks died from accidental food poisoning, and 2x people died in accidental vehicle deaths than “ALL HOMICIDES” regardless of weapon or means of choice?

Get your facts straight. It’s your right to believing what you want, but there’s a reason why MSNBC (one of the most left) took a poll of their drummed up, most liberal and most left poll takers they could find, and yet over 90% of them still said Amendment II is a right that must be protected… and that was within the last week, and they don’t want that news real public.

What you are fed by media and liveral left or hollywood is far different than doing the work to research, living it, and understanding it and recognizing that you are being blinded by a machine with an agenda. Hillary aims to follow suit with the mess that Obama has started.

Nobody wants a school of children shot up, or an all but one exit chained night club massacre while folks funnel to the only exit… but realize, that’s a not the gun… that’s mental health. It has nothing to do with a manufactured term of gun violence - which is just a fictitious term just like “assault weapon”.

I sincerely hope you and yours never find yourself in a situation where a criminal attempts to prey on you and yours… regardless of impliment like a crowbar, a bat, a knife, a bomb, a bow or a gun… but if you are so unfortunate, I hope that there are those like me in your company and unbeknownst to you who are trained, law abiding, ready and able to protect you and yours. Because sound thinking individuals cable of defending themselves and those who cannot protect freedom. Police respond to incidents in progress or those that are already over… Police far less often have a chance to intercede and stop the bad thing from happening to you and yours. I have many first responders who are dear friends, both local, county, state and federal. Everyone of them will tell you they hate that they are minutes away, when seconds count.

I chose to never be a victim.

I wish you best of luck to you and yours, and I hope you are never a victim either.

Now, I really am done with this thread.


I’m sure that you realize that every single point in that wall of text is rhetoric stated by right wing pundits. So, I wouldn’t keep tossing around words like “agenda” and “propaganda”.

I don’t pretend to have a magical answer for the problem of mass shootings here. But, I refuse to pretend that there is not a problem just because I happen to be an American. You’d have to be blind or willfully ignorant not to acknowledge that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. People seriously need to step out from behind walls of liberal and conservative rhetoric to find a sensible solution.

On the topic of guns. Fear mongering is the biggest problem america has. My reason for saying this is related to gun violence and such. Every day in america you hear about someone getting shot or arrested for by police doing x bad thing or a new disease ready to kill you. I understand that as a country fear is a great motivator but it has lead to terrible decisions. I am wondering though was the gun an AR-15 assault riffle or an AR-15 replica bb gun.

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It WAS a real AR-15.
I just thought the news item was a lil ironic . Haha
Politics and Religion
What heat they bring

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I didn’t know the CDC was a right wing propaganda establishment!

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McDonalds food causes more deaths per year than guns through obesity.
Maybe we need to rid ourselves of fast food, because of “Food Violence” etc.

Some people need to look into the FACTS of GUNS. Stop listening to the media.

Removing guns from the people, will lead towards the government taking over your rights.

Name 1 country that is gun free that has no DEATHS from weapons or guns for that instance.
What % of those countries populations are those deaths?
What is the % of deaths vs our population?

Know the facts before you repeat rubbish.

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Yeah cause your 9mm pistol is the last thing standing between the American people and the evil government taking all their rights away!..


Everyone agrees there is a problem. However, everyone has conflicting ideas on what that problem is. I believe that the current legislation regarding “gun free zones” has greatly stripped away the right and ability for citizens to defend themselves. In my mind, past gun control measures have killed countless people, and continue to.

Mine alone? Perhaps. The 300 million other firearms? Absolutely.

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I would say hong kong. Although it does not fit your criteria perfectly, they have guns that are not guaranteed by law and yet have nearly 0% gun related death or injury according to this.