What is your favourite movie(s)?


Mine is ‘Gladiator’. What is your(s)? :smile_cat:

What is the most underrated Horror or Sci-Fi movies?

The human centiped and saw :stuck_out_tongue:


I have yet to see the human centiped. Gross… :stuck_out_tongue:
The first Saw film was great. My favourite all time horror movie is Sinister.


Believe it or not Gladiator is mine as well. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are close behind though. When I watch movies I like to teleport to another world, and these movies do that beautifully.


Not sure what is my 2nd favourite, It might be ‘The elephant man’ were one see a young Hopkins as a doctor. Just truely good movie overall, but a very sad story about Joseph Merrick, idd…


The human centiped is a must see. All three are crap and amazing at the same time^^.

There are too many good films out there


The Matrix movies. Love the idea that reality is all an illusion.


The Road is one of my favorite movies. I’m only mentioning it because it just popped up on US Netflix. It’s a family comedy about a boy and his father on a wacky road trip across America.


This is such a hard question. :smile_cat: I love, love watching movies across all genres. I have so many favorites. Here’s just some of them!

Drama: The Secret Life of Bees
Horror: Babadook
Fantasy: Legend | The Neverending Story
Sci-Fi: Matrix 1 & 2 | Alien Trilogy
Magical: Harry Potter Series
Martial Arts: Hero | Fearless
Racy: The Secretary | In the Realm of the Senses
Comedy: Reefer Madness | Rocky Horror Picture Show
Anime: Howl’s Moving Castle



Cowboy bebop: the movie


@Ashasekayi The Babadook was a good newer horror movie. You should check out The Guest, and It Follows. I’m waiting to see Don’t Breathe, because I enjoyed the Evil Dead “remake”. Oh also check out Starry Eyes.

Also watch You’re Next, and Hush :stuck_out_tongue: More suspense, but still.


Korean film named Oldboy (2003) from Chan-Wook Park is unbeatable from my nr1 spot.


I’ve seen “The Guest”, and I really enjoyed it. I tried to get into “It Follows”, but it just didn’t do it for me. That said, I thought the general idea was interesting.

I’m also interested to see “Don’t Breathe”. However, I’m not holding out a ton of hope since I haven’t found many American made horror movies actually scary in the last decade. :smile_cat: (Although, “The Conjuring” did give me a good jump scare here and there.)

“Evil Dead” (the original) has to be my favorite campy horror movie of all time. I should have added that to the list. :smiley_cat:


That was a great movie. Did you see the remake? It wasn’t half bad.


Spike Lee should know better.




The original the thing and both first alien movies were great, as well as Terminator 2.


Obviously I kinda liked Fight Club.


Also American History X was great.