🎈🤡 Recruiting people for the scary clown profile pic club! 🎈🤡 [11/20]


Come join us, me and @vangor, upload your unique Evil Clown picture as your avatar until the new movie release.

I do say we can reach 20 before the movie release. Some serious ones in between that wont join of course…

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20 would be awesome! Lol once the movie comes out we can change them again but i think this would be fun!

List of members:


Yeah this so cool and great fun! :wink: :slight_smile:


We can only mention 10 members in a post so the list continues here:



Then we must allow every evil clown there is pics of. That sounds fair. More to choose from.


I must find another pic then Vangor, since u already taken it. A moment…


ok I am ready brudda! :smiley: We can have a vote in the end of August of who had the most creepy clown avatar.



Excellent idea! And well done… Very creepy lol


I went a slightly different way but I believe still on topic… Who remembers Killer Klowns from Outer Space?



I have seen it before but cant remember Outer Space. I wonder whos gonna get the Twisted Metal Clown now… :wink:


Its also available on torrents if you veer that way.


Cool, I will check it out! :wink:


Disclaimer: Its an absolutely horrible movie, special effects are terrible, acting bad, writing bad… But, its one of those that is “sooo bad its good”. At least that is my recollection.


@Clark your recollections are spot on! I love KKFOS!


I’m not… But this is the best! American-Horror-Story-Freakshow-clown-450x281


upload it as an avatar so u can join the Pennywise gang! :wink:


count me in :grin:


You are the best! :stuck_out_tongue:


Kkfo…is a FN classic mane!. First they cocoon that ass in cotton candy! Then drink you with a straw! What could be better!

I think I’ll go drink my LQ with a straw…:laughing:

I opted for the old school Penny


yep, sry wrong thread…
Yes I do! I’m a great fan and have read this book several times and look forward to the new movie.:clown_face: