What is the most underrated Horror or Sci-Fi movies?

I start it out with:

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Sorry, was that supposed to be a horror/sci-fi, or either horror or sci-fi? This is sci-fi, but really not horror/sci-fi.


Horror or Sci/Fi, or both. I edited the title. Great movie! :wink:

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I never knew an emoji could make me cry until I watched that movie.

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Another one that deserved more credit (imo).

On Netflix if anyone hasn’t seen it before

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This was an amazing Korean horror/suspense film that I rarely see mentioned. There is a creepy hidden image in the movie poster too btw. :wink:


House of 1000 Corpses/Devil’s Rejects (Original and sequel) directed by Rob Zombie. Currently third installment “3 from Hell” being filmed which I cannot wait for! Massive cult following for this franchise

I really enjoyed both the Descent with its original ending (horror) and Pandorum (horror/sci-fi) :). Also, I thought Stir of Echoes was a very well-done and under-appreciated thriller!

Corpses is one of my absolute favorite movies. His newest movie, 31, was really good too. I was more than a little skeptical after lords of salem, but i was pleasantly surprised. Richard Brake was amazing.

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Been meaning to watch 31! Need to find it :wink:

@Elarcadia Descent and Pandorum are both excellent some of the best of the genre out there.

I’ll submit some of the best and likely unseen by most Horror and Sci-Fi movies I’ve seen in the last couple of years

Kristy (2014) - Rotten tomatoes didn’t like this movie but I thought it was smart and original which is sadly needed in the horror genre

A quiet place (2018) in theatres now is really good highly recommend it.

A couple on netflix now I really liked
“it follows” “hush”, “The Ritual” and “The invitation”

For Sci-Fi that is also not widely watched that I enjoyed check out:

Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die repeat also a title depending on region)

Midnight Special

The Osiris Child

and “Uncanny” one of my favourites in the last few years.


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The Faculty

The Soundtrack is also underrated.


I loved this movie!! I was going through my Animorphs phase at the time, so I was hooked pretty quick :slight_smile:


Social criticism that only gains relevance with the years, and a fun and entertaining popcorn sci-fi action flick at the same time, what more can you ask.
Stay away from the sequels though…


I agree, but strangely, the tone of the book was almost the opposite (unironically militaristic and borderline fascist). The movie is a guilty pleasure, though. Good one!


Let’s not forget Toxic Avenger lol.

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Has anyone on here seen Snowpiercer? Is it worth a watch?

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I really liked ‘Cube’ (1997)