Tester Poll (Favorite Movie Genre (3 Choices))

So I read that you can set up a poll where you can cast more then one vote on a multiple choice poll containing 3 or more choices.

I’m listing possible movie genres and am asking people to select you favorites from the categories, please select 3 different options and post about any difficulties you have

“Favorite Movie Genre Poll”

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Suspense
  • Romantic
  • Documentary
  • Science Fiction
  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • Musical
  • Comic
  • Animated

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Yay it works

It works great.

Thriller, documentaries and comics for me, but I’ll watch anything

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Action, horror, and comic over here but I too watch just about anything, I also watch animated quite often and am dying to see minions (I saw despicable me 1+2 and wanna see the the little speach impaired yellow things kill Dracula) huge fan of comedy too

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Action, Romance, Animated.

I’ll pass on explaining each one in great detail, but I’d be willing to give almost any movie with any of these aspects a shot. Unless I’ve heard they’re horrid, then I’d rather keep my brain cells intact.


i chose those three as well.

Action because explosions, fast cars, and every superhero movie

Romance, Ways to swoon and keep a woman, how to avoid dating mistakes, as long as it is not tagged with comedy makes for interesting study material.

Animated, some movies that are animated should not be shown to kids ever!!! Anime and adult cartoons are in this list and if you have ever watched the cowboy bebop movie or the watermelon genocide in steven universe or even some episodes of avatar the last airbender, animated movies can be very graphic and extremely adult. This genre should not be seen as “kid’s stuff” as it runs the gauntlet of age groups.

Animations… Yeah, true… But for me I ticked it because it is kids stuff, that is all the stuff I watch with my kids…

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When you summarize some shows you then might notice how they might not be for kids. Take finding nemo for example. A father watches as his wife and children are killed in front of him except one who grows up with a deformity who is then kidnapped by someone who lives in australia so he has to go on an adventure with a mentally handicapped woman facing dangers and peril at every turn.


It’s a cartoon about fish

You really do have too much time on your hands…

Actually that was a summery from the tv guide channel. You do not want to know about the summary for MLP. It sounds like a horror series.

Mmmmm that tells me we should keep children away from people who write for tv guide channels, not away from cartoons about fish…

Basically any Disney or Pixar movie can be summarized like that, which amuses me for some reason.

I mean, take Tarzan. Shipwrecked, family sets up home only for the parents to be killed by a leopard and so on and so forth.

Pocahontas is based on, well, all that not-nice stuff that happened.

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Nice dodge.

Finding Nemo holds the record for fastest death of a loved one in Disney/Pixar history

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Don’t forget the most deaths in a disney/pixar movie. Even studio Ghibli has less deaths in it. Avatar the last airbender from nickelodeon has the most deaths for a kids tv show.


Where is my Western…bah :P, John Wayne is turning in his grave.


I voted for horror, thriller and drama.
I have a weak spot for 60’s and 70’s horror, as well as underground horror and B-horror.
My favorite thrillers are the Hanibal Lecter movies (I’m having an old friend for diner. I just love that quote!)
Some of my favorite drama’s are “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, Priest ( Priest (1994) - IMDb ) and movies directed by Peter Greenaway.

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Australian man in a dress… yes qualifies as Horror…

Hmmm I wonder if @sirrian tried that…

I picked horror, thriller and documentary. I do watch a lot of anime, but I wouldn’t consider that a movie genre. If there was a most hated genre, it would be romantic comedies. Those things make me want to jump off a bridge.

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