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Testing pools for the sake of it

Just messing around to see something about the polls.

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And yes, it works with pictures… I’ve looked a lot until finding how to create/manage polls here without bothering anyone… Now my head hurts… I think i’ve got the “smarts”…


this pool has a poll in it. :frowning:


Calling it now.

for the win.

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Gambit FTW :sparkling_heart:

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I would normally be all about Gambit but Punisher is watering the lawn.

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Sorry that looks like a fat punisher tshirts waring fan is watering his lawn when suddenly he realizes he needs the toilet…now

Are you sure he’s watering his yard, and not hosing the whole thing down with industrial strength weed killer? This is the Punisher, after all.

Maybe he’s over-watering the lawn! That seems very Punisher!

Your killing the grass. No I’m punishing the weeds!

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