Insane 56 Green gems on board screenshot before they matched :D


Using the forest troll ability to double the number of green gems +4 on the board when there were 26 unmatched greens… leading to my screenshot of 56 green gems before they matched and disappeared.


This picture captures the current state of the game perfectly…


There were 26 gems from the enemies failed forest troll move


Yes but did you win :wink: ?


Yes they basically instantly died from the Kraken tentacles damage triggering a million times after that lol


Figured I’ve had it happen to me many times in ranked PvP the Troll / Kraken teams are every where! I love it when I go once or sometimes twice than watch the screen explode and my team wipe. Much fun :confused:


There was I time when there was no cap on the number of gems that could be created. So when the magic had gone up high enough it was possible to create a mono colour board. I think I have a picture somewhere with a complete brown board from Acolyte, after he was buffed a couple of times by Brian.


That was the timeout the webspammer meta…


Or Sheggra with Brian the Lucky, back when her skullspam scaled with Magic.


Yes I think they corrected it because of Spidey. But what did we use for this? Wasn’t it Brian, Acolyte, Emperina? The fourth one was a blue generator to fill Acolyte.


I have a full brown board


I hope you’re talking about GoW. :joy:


You should see a doctor…





I was afraid of that… :sweat_smile:


Lmao! I am like soooo mature…


haha great humor on you brudda! :wink: