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Summer olympics

So the summer olympics have started and it made me think of something. Overwatch has an olympic theme going on, and surely there might be other games that have taken notice of such a huge event, so what are the devs and the player base of this game planning for the olympics? My plan is to do 10 push ups for each bronze, 10 sit ups for each silver, and 10 squats for each gold that america gets. At this point i doubt i will need to do anything with how bad the country turned out.

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Oh, that is why they chose to release Death today. The Rio Olympics. :wink:


Cant wait for it! :slight_smile:

So it’s confirmed? Should the official news be out by now?

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Plague official news came out exactly at time of release (daily update time) so Death announcement might not be any earlier.

They should release a card called “Olympia” which is Olympic-themed like:
blue-yellow-brown-green-red as mana filler (brown since we don’t have black)
traits like Agile / Impervious / Granite Skin to make them rocksteady
a skill which uses blue-yellow-brown-green-red like removing them for a “ratio boost” with a buff like skill which gives armor / life / attack or an atk skill which does mana burn true damage :wink:

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Morbid. But yes.

Sunny greetings, BOPE?

Watching the swimming events means you are watching people who will all be dead within 10 years :confused:

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