Everyone who voted in the Fantasy Series


I used a 3rd-party pollmaker and the polls crashed earlier today, losing all progress.

I have remade the polls using the Forum’s markup and they are located at the bottom of each Matchup. Please recast your votes!

I apologize profusely for the inconvenience and I have learned my lesson.



Bump for visibility


Bump again… Because I can… Have devs voted @Sirrian @Nimhain?


I have voted (both before and after the poll errors)


Why not pin this thread so it is always visible?


We got roughly 6 hours for the first round polls and as a reminder, EVERYONE is welcome to vote!


The first round is almost over and we have a couple matchups down to the wire!

Every vote counts and yours can make a difference!


It is a great community event and I hope it continues to grow!

Be sure to vote for Team WTF while there is still time😉


Voting closes in 15 minutes, last call!

Hurry and get your vote in for team WTF and have a great weekend!