Need top notch horror movies tips


Halloween time is here and I am looking for some great horror movies! Feel free to share! :blush:

What is the most underrated Horror or Sci-Fi movies?

Not horror, but Halloween related. If you like comedy FX is running a Treehouse of Horror marathon in a few days.


Thanks, but I dont watch much comedy, except from Seinfeld and Jim Carrey.

  • saw
  • halloween
  • friday 13
  • chainsaw massacre
  • fright night
  • land of the death
  • walking dead serie
  • hostel
  • It
  • let me in
  • get out
  • anabelle
  • chucky
  • aliens


This one has been a while since I have seen. Maybe I should watch it again.
Thanks for bringing it up. Watched the old Chainsaw Massacre some months ago,
but been a while since I have seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 2003.
About zombie films/series I am generally tired of the franchise, after growing up with
the old dawn of the dead movies as well as all the resident evil games.


Not exactly a “horror” movie, but the most horrifying movie I’ve seen recently was Alien: Covenant.


I also liked it, watched it at Cinema. :smiley:

Here is a horror movie I think you would like @Stan, for Halloween! :stuck_out_tongue: Some even went as far and said that this was the best horror film in the last decade. I won’t disagree with them.


I saw the new “It” in theather it was nice


Watched it, but I need to watch it again I think, there is an awful lot of easter eggs in it Ive heard. Good movie, but wish the whole movie was as brutal as the opening scene…


The Abandoned (2006) :wink:
Despite the imdb rating.


5,6 imdb says, it is not a slaughter for a horror movie.


My wife and me watched almost everything there is from horror genre. Cannot think of any that’s really scary, this one has great atmosphere if nothing else. If you want something on the funny side, try Trick or Treat. I’ll ask her about movie recommendation in the morning, she has better memory :slight_smile:
Premutos is The best trash horror if you’re into that. Good luck finding it, though :slight_smile: Braindead can be a substitute.


What are some of the ones you like? Just to know what kind to recommend


Thanks, much appreciated. I will make sure to check The Abandonment out. I am not too much into the comedy franchise, its very few ppl that can get me laugh except from my brother. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love horror, but it’s hard to pick films someone else would find scary since that is usually very specific to the person. That said, one of my Halloween favorites is “Babadook”.


Jeepers Creepers


The Abandoned! :smiley:
Make sure that it’s from 2006, there is other one from 2015.
The Quarantine is the movie that left me that unpleasant gut feeling for couple of days. Not that scary but disturbing.


List is long:

The Babadook
The Shining
The Conjuring
The Thing
All Aliens and Predator movies
Let me in, both versions is great
The Witch
Silence of the Lambs
Jeeper Creepers
The Host
The Omen
The Sixth Sense/Village/Signs
Don’t Look Now


I love Babadook. Already watched it 3 times, I am sure 4th time will come.


House of 1000 Corpses followed by the sequel The Devils Rejects. Both directed by Rob Zombie starring Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon Zombie. Cult classics!