Happy Halloween

Hope you enjoy a night full of evil and frightening things! Praise Satan!


Spooky time!


My costume wasn’t very scary, even my cat wasn’t spooked!

Happy, Happy Halloween 2018!


@Zeddicus2017 offer up a prayer to The Dark One and you will surely frighten all you encounter!

I stayed at home and watched Breaking Bad (only just starting it now :stuck_out_tongue: ). That counts, right?


Did you partake in any satanic rituals?

One day you’ll get it… :wink:


If eating candy, playing Gems of War, and watching Tacet’s stream count, I guess so…


Those things are very unsatanic

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I was a witch for Halloween! Our amazing @Cyrup took this photo!

(It probably comes as a surprise to no one that I went as a witch, in retrospect…)


That’s a great photo, Salty!

Quite impressive, Salty. You really pulled off the role in the photo. Good symmetry with your costume also helps sell the look to the audience as convincing and authentic.

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Thanks team, it all comes down to the amazing skills of @Cyrup. What did everyone else wear???


I watched High School of the Dead for the first time for Halloween. Been wanting to for awhile. Such a shame it only got 1 season. Guess I’ll have to put in on the list of “Anime I love that was cut short”, along with Deadman Wonderland, Elfen Lied, and a few others.


I was watching the new Sabrina reboot on Netflix to get into the Halloween spirit.


I want to give that a go. I like what they (The CW) did with Archie stuff in Riverdale, so I want to see if Netflix did the same with Sabrina.

How was it? @Saltypatra

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I’m really enjoying it! The cinematography is to die for, it’s gorgeous. All the colours and details in each frame blow me away.

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Well, thats good to hear. Just watching the trailer for it, I was worried it would be dark (as far as lighting and lack of color) as some horror/thriller TV and movies like to do.

I never cared for that too much. Like, that dark lighting is supposed to make it spooky or something. All it does is make it so I can’t see anything. Lol.

I’ve had horror games do the same thing and then give you like no flashlight, so I had to crank the brightness up on my TV just to see 6 inches in front of me.

“Ooo, I can’t see anything. Sooo spooky.” Meanwhile, it takes me 20 mins to find the door im supposed to open and walk through to get to the next level. Lol.

I just finished the new Sabrina show. It was so different from the original. And, that’s a good thing. I liked that they made her a more grey character.


I didn’t watch previous iterations, but I enjoyed all ten episodes. As @Saltypatra said, the show is filmed in excellent detail, and though it had its dark points, her Aunts, and Ambros, were fantastic in their supporting rolls because of their contrasting personalities. (And I loved Sabrina’s familiar — I just wanted to pick him up and spoil him with love and affection)!!!

I really look forward to the next season.