Happy Halloween (music/art and more)

Well its that time again sweeties! Happy Halloween! -dusts myself off and wakes for the festive time-

Around Christmas I did this for my nephews. (really should have waited for Halloween)

Spawn (line art by Jamie Biggs / Ink-Color by me)

For Halloween I did the following :

We all remember the original Doom. If not, where have you been!? This is a remix of the classic Doom - Bunny midi. If you forgot the tune of the original, just click the link at the bottom. Its using sound fonts so those with funky computers that do fun things with midis, can still hear it fine.

Doom - Bunny (Demon Remix)

Doom - Bunny (SGM & GM_GS sound fonts / very slight fixes as well) (semi-original version)

Happy Halloween Gems Of War! (animation is from renderforest if that’s not obvious -heh- … music background is from a simple song I did for it. And me being amazingly original with naming, calling it ‘boom’.)

Just a random simple sketch of a skull. Then took a picture and edited with a sketch program on my tablet.


What about movie? Are you going to do a halloween movie night?

On my side i want to see the last halloween and might watch some movie i didin’t see yet

  • the last saw
  • strangers 2
  • a quiet place
  • don’t breath

@Rickygervais This year I’ll be backtracking to black and white horror flicks. And probably just hiding from the world. Unless there’s scary little goblins that knock on my door asking for rotten teeth.

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