What is wrong with moa?


When i do pvp there is people using moa im defense but when i check the fight result there is no moa in the team lol very weird, i will post pic when it happen again

Edit: it look like it happening on every platform

before fight

During fight

Fight result

In this case i look like mab been replace by moa, i hope it not also happening in guild war


I’ve seen this happening just now… very odd…

Edit: I’m on iOS and seeing it too.


Moa shows up in meta teams replacing random troops and we get extra traitstone for killing it


I don’t care if it happen in pvp but if it happen in GW it really suck


Yeah 4 moa in pvp gives 6 traitstones lol 1 for each and 2 for red color.


Maybe a thanksgiving promo, he’s a turkey


It was fine all afternoon and it started to bug 2 hour ago


From what i understand: It seems like the system will exchange one troop of each defense for a Moa for this supposed “Thanks Giving Event”, but if a player use a team with four Moas then, the attacker will also get four extra Traitstones, one for each Moa after victory.

Not sure if this will be considered an exploit…

Thank you Moa! Happy hunting all!

Not sure it’s intended lol well if it is at least dev could let us know


I’ve put four Moas on my defense and suddenly i see 4 Moas as options to attack.
Not gonna keep this defense or kill 4 Moas just to play safe…

@Cyrup or @Ozball any input on this?


My initials thoughts is that’s it’s a Easter egg planted by the devs for thanks giving. After all, moa is a turkey isn’t he.


Yeah but if it’s intended, why start it in the middle of the day and not on the reset?


Thanks for helping us out :wink:

My kids are loving this mini-game event. They get excited every time one pops up on the screen.


I fought a team of four moms and got 2 traitstones. Ps4


It is indeed a nice event, it also brings up some comic relief with the memes with aussie historical fact “The Great Emu War”:



Those poor moms never saw it coming XD


Moahahaha :slight_smile:


Did you use a full red team?


Okay guys, please explain. :upside_down_face:
I have to set my defence to 4 moas for invaders to earn more traitstones?
And must hope to encounter several myself when invading?


Not exactly, i just happened to find 4 Moas more frequently after leaving my defense just like that for a while.
You will have more people attacking you and be offered revenge against them increasing the chances that one of them is also using 4 Moas and become you Rival, which also increases the Glory for beating such player.