The Great Moa Invasion

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Happy Thanksgiving, Adventurers!

It’s the most featherful time of the year, as the Great Moa Invasion has begun!

The migratory patterns of Moas are surprisingly predictable (for a creature with a brain the size of broad bean) so it’s this time every year when the inhabitants of Krystara give thanks for the delicious Moa dinners they are about to receive. As an added bonus, aside from the delicious dwarf-sized drumsticks, a bounty is offered, of an extra Traitstone reward in every battle where a Moa is defeated - in PvP and Dungeons.

So what does this mean for you, the Moa-Slayer Extraordinaire? Well… Moas will randomly appear in Ranked and Casual PVP battles and will overrun Dungeons tomorrow (save for the Dungeon Bosses, who like to play their new feathered minions). Completing any PVP or Dungeon battle with a Moa in it will grant a bonus traitstone (Note that is NOT one Traitstone per Moa… it is one extra Traitstone total… we see through your evil plans of 4-Moa defense teams… that’s just too delicious… and nobody needs 8 drumsticks per battle!!!)

The Moa Invasion will last until the Weekly Reset next week (Monday 27th November 7am GMT), when they return back to Divinion Fields to rest.

Please note this event will be available on PC, Mobile, PS4 and XBox One.

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Was fun before the Nerf.


That was the most fun in GoW I have had in a long time… Likely cause I thought it was a mistake and that it would be fixed so getting in as many as possible was making it more interesting…:slight_smile:


pft. Im still setting a 3 Moa Defense Team for fun. Oh, and a Bard. definitely a Bard.


I know a dev said we won’t see it in GW but i got a bad feeling about this


I was wondering why Moa’s were suddenly popular.


What defence should I set then? 4 Moas or 1 Moa-3 Fire Bombs?

If you want to help people you only need to put 1 moa

It’s 50% chance to see moa but if you put 1 moa in def it suppose to guarantee doubles stones to your opponent

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1 moa 3 fire bombs


Might be ok for this week but i remember a similar team been fix really quick cause if that :stuck_out_tongue:

fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont want my Fire Bombs touched after this event is over. I like them as is, even without any nefarious means.

Are you sure it was a mistake, though? Like someone smart commented on stream yesterday - There are no mistakes in Gems of War, only happy accidents. :wink:


Thanks for the event, devs. I had a bit of fun hunting moa turkeys. :rofl:


This is a great event, I am having lots of fun

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Thanks for getting that Billy Idol song stuck in my head…

In the midnight hour, she cried Moa Moa Moa
With a rebel yell, she cried Moa Moa Moa


“It’s not bug, it’s a secret feature!”

Unknow source…


Cyrup the virus

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I just got back and suddenly MOA.
Seems I also missed something going on in the afternoon? Dang, I always miss the fun stuff.

But seriously, imagine those confused defense troop teams with the sudden Moas!

Queen Mab: You think you can defeat us? Hah! I will freeze you and then the powerful Kraken will devour you! Kraken, I choose you!
Moa: Meep?
Queen Mab: Wha-- who are you? Where is my gigantic sea monster comrade all of sudden?!
Forest Troll: Kraken gone. Sudden. Just poof. Bird now here. Eat bird?
Queen Mab: …Wait… did the bird eat the Kraken?
Moa: Meep.
Queen Mab: …Very well. This makes no sense, but whatever. Mighty Moa, devour our enemies! Everyone, attack!
Five minutes later:
Khorvash: -feeds his Manticore some extra bird meat-
Ysabelle: Those guys had no battle synergy at all…
Khorvash: Yeah, some people just can’t make a good defense team. At least we get free stuff.
Gwayne: Guess Moas are the new, weird Meta? A…Moata? Heh.
Ysabelle: …Work on your jokes, Gwayne. Please.


Probably some “competitive” :wink: Forest troll - Kraken players are desperately filing support tickets about why they are getting less defense wins than usual. :rofl:


That need some moativation