Thank you Moa! Happy hunting all!


Gobble, gobble, gobble!


That’s awesome. Congrats!!


I have NO idea what this is supposed to be. it’s just a win screen. Am I missing something?


6 celestrials rewarded upon victory



Oh I see now, Interesting



Yeah, so: War, Plague, Famine, Death.


can we nominate Peasants for Christmas?


Do you mean Pheasants? :joy:


yes! if only we could dress up those grumpy people with a hat and a pitchfork as a pheasant…with a pitchfork for a day.

(We have a Gems of War troop called Peasant. It’s about as epic as it sounds)


Maybe “X-mas Mimics” disguised as presents, a new troop they could have a spell with random positive effects on all allies.


I love this idea! @Nimhain Can we put it in a Christmas hat :heart_eyes::christmas_tree: