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Be a Pal, set up 4 Moa defense (nevermind)

Confirmed that there is a secret turkey event where you get +1 traitstone for each Moa you kill in PvP.
So be a Pal! Give us more turkeys in PvP!

EDIT: Ok, apparently it wasn’t supposed to stack. Now it’s just back to +1 traitstone no matter how many Moa you put in the team.

moa 1moa 2


Im not going to do it until i got the confirmation that is a real event.

Happy Thanksgiving! :wink:


@Cyrup so it’s intended? What if i didin’t want to participate? Kinda suck my defense team is destroyed

Attaboy Ricky. You show them the real spirit of PVP!


Lol well at least give me the choice it’s not thanksgiving here in canada

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Happy thxgiving!


its over now :sob:
you only get 2 stones for four moas

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Not getting 6 stones vs 4 moa and using red team anymore. Think they may have made moas not stack anymore. Doing some more testing but so far that’s the results multiple people are finding.
3 stones with a red team seems to be current max.

I have some bad news, each Moa being worth a traitstone was a bug and is being corrected as we speak. You should be getting only one bonus traitstone when fighting a team with one or more Moa.

So no need to change your defense teams.


So i was right it’s not working as intended lol :stuck_out_tongue:

But putting one Moa in our defense teams would still be an acceptable act of charity? or is the system replacing a troop with Moa on every single battle already?

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Is it only me, im 30 matches in now and only getting minor traitstones.

I’m getting varieties, but mostly minor

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Ah yes I see what you mean, you are correct. It’s a 50% chance of Moa replacement (and bonus traitstone), so having a Moa on your defense team makes it a guaranteed extra traitstone for your opponents.


Psh, whenever a release of something always seem to be a bug, :thinking:

And now the (possibly disturbing) question remains:
What happened to the Missing Troop that the Moa replaced?! :scream:

moa horror



Another question. When are we getting the awesome Haast’s eagle that hunted Moas long time ago, claw marks on Moas bones as evidence.


I’m going with a hybrid of what I had for the rest of the week - one moa, three fire bombs. Enjoy!


Oh what a bummer that we’re not getting more trait stones.