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Moa event is best event!

I just want to offer a big thank you to the devs for this Moa hunting event. It’s making PvP a lot more fun. Happy hunting! May your Moas be frequent and always replace some over used meta troop.


Was* for 2 hours… Now it’s meh.


It’s not as nice, but it’s still fun scouting through the options and finding a random Moa. It is also a very nice way to break all the meta teams for a week.


Thanks so much for the kind feedback!I know it’s been a bit tricky lately with some bugs flying around, but we’re super glad you like the event. Thanks for sticking with us.

p.s aren’t the Moa pretty? :heart_eyes:


yeah when i see it, i just want to destroy something beautiful

You mean the Moa, or destroy something beautiful with the Moa? I hope not the former :frowning:

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lol moa of course :slight_smile:

I wonder if Moa existed today if they would be eaten for Thanksgiving… :+1:

Woah that’s deep… I hope not

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I’ve been having fun using Visk against the Moas. Red troop, and I have a perverse pleasure of burning all of the Moas… :slight_smile:

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Roasted bird is usually on the menu this time of year.

How long will it run for? I hope my timezone doesn’t mean that I can’t take advantage of this. Great idea by the way.

Until weekly reset