M.I.A. - Post Moa Nerf

I’m used to “Double Traitstones” events causing a surge in Minor/Major TS being found in PvP. I fear that the “Moa event” has gone from Amazing to just Annoying.
For it has surely caused an above average amount of Major/Minor TS to be found in PvP even for a double TS event.
To the devs… These aren’t gifts or something special that you are giving your players. If they always come at a cost of something we had before.
To the players be advised that Runics, Arcanes, and Celestials are missing from action in PvP until after weekly reset.


Myself and a few others in my guild were questioning yesterday whether it was limited to giving no higher than majors.
It of course can give better, but it does seem like the rates have been altered for this event.

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They’ve always been pretty rare, you just generally don’t notice it because the only time people pay attention to what traitstones they get is when they’re either

  1. Farming in Explore, which has inflated rates of Runic/Arcane/Celestial, or
  2. Receiving extra stones from an event.

If you’re considering the “normal” number of traitstones as what you get from Explores, your bias is making you overestimate what you feel should be getting. There’s a whole ton of legitimate things to rail against the devs on, from Guild Chat still being broken to ruining the artstyle to the lolrandom Mythic crafting menu to the pervasive GW defense bugs, but trying to make this into an issue is just self-defeating. If you’re that convinced that the devs are screwing you over at every turn, why are you still here?


I’m not even getting double traitstones in PvP or Dungeons for killing moa’s and winning… sigh

I got celestials in around 5 battles for triple earlier.

Assuming the drop rates are still the same from ages back, they are approximately the following:

  • Celestial Traitstones: 1%
  • Arcane Traitstone: 3%
  • Runic Traitstone: 8%

So it is approximately a 12% chance of getting a traitstone that isn’t minor/major.


Have the devs acknowledged that they reduced or eliminated the likelihood of getting rarer traitstones? I haven’t received anything better than Major Traitstones since this event began…I don’t need more low level traitstones (they could be worthwhile if the crafting system is improved).

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If you have access to exploring in a kingdom, the traitstone droprates of a PvP Battle in said kingdom is the same as explore.
i.e. is you have every explore unlocked, PvP = explore traitstone wise

Well out of 100 PvP matches. This is what I’ve experienced:

50% Major Traitstones
50% Minor Traitstones

100% disappointment

I’ve done 360 matches since reset. But I’ve actually paid attention to the last 100.


I didn’t know that I made it sound like a personal attack. But since you’re making assumptions. Let me correct you real quick.
I’m basing my opinion on what I experience in PVP usually. Not on explore.
I pay attention to patterns. Or consistencies. Such as the TS experience I’m having.
I post things like this on the forums to see if I’m having bad luck… Or if others are experiencing it the same way.
I’m still here, because overall I still enjoy the game. I just have this weird expectation of wanting the game to work correctly.

I just received some Runic Traitstones, so they’re still in the mix.


saw some people post their pictures on facebook that they got 3 celestial traitstones. so…

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From talking to people. It seems to be that some are getting nothing but runics and Arcanes. While others are more like me. So I guess it’s just luck?

I get that people are posting photos of getting Arcanes. I could easily SS and upload 100 photos of a much different result. But then people will just call it spam and the thread will be locked. So today I won’t. Maybe I will tomorrow if this “bad luck” continues.

I’m pretty sure that the devs frequently tweak the odds like an unregulated casino. Even if not, their RNG algorithms have always seemed wonky to me.


Here we go bruddas goodwill! :kissing_heart: :+1::blush:


I received at least 2 sets of arcanes and several sets of runics after the nerf last night. It just seems to take a bit longer …

Anyone here on the ranked leaderboards getting Arcanes and Runics?
I don’t care about the casual PVP results.

Not everyone is end game. This is a fantastic opportunity for newer and lower level players to get plenty of stones I’ve not had anything above runics all day and I’ve played quite a lot! 500 trophies in pvp worth. I’m not complaining.


And then next battle, no moa and two arcane blade! Lol. Errr, you might be onto something!

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Less than 10 char.

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