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What is the best pair in the game?

What is your most favourite pair in the game? With the best synergy? With the best effect?

Infernal King / Sheggra
Crimson Bat / Hero Crescendo…

Gimme some hints :slight_smile:

Still got Gorgotha + Carnex / Herdmaster + Ragnagord.

Eternal Flame + Alchemist?

The much-despised Goblin Shaman + Green Slime …

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Goblin Shaman / Goblin
Goblin Shaman / HobGoblin
Goblin Shaman / Boar Rider
Goblin Shaman / Goblin King

Great synergy. What’s not to love about Marauders?

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Fortress Gate + Dwarf Miner.

It is essential to protect your gold from marauding goblins.


Any attack stacker (e.g. Luther) + Orion

Definitely not the best pair, but can cause a lot of trouble.

Goblins are the very definition of synergy in this game.

My pair would be an Acolyte and Gob-Chomper. A personal fave is Venoxia and Stone Giant. Mercy and Gorgotha/Valkyrie is really annoying. I feel as though I can go on forever so I will end it there.

A Gate to protect? Those Marauders will probably come up with something to open/destRoy it, probably a Rocket or something :wink:

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Or a new troop called Grond? :wink:


depending on the meta
i personally like luther/valk, I’m addicted to attack gain and souls in this 1.0.9

valk/druid with right traits its 1 match fill for druid

with the double traitstones week i found this combo kinda funny runesmith/luther + hero(anvil of might)+brian

Infernal King + Sheggra
Prismatic Orb + Rowanne
Bone Dragon + Green Slime

Right you are. Luther+Valk is amazingly troublesome in the hands of the A.I.
Valk+Druid is always a winner,

Boar Rider & any purple or green generator = really pesky. I hate having to target the Goblins first in any build with much more dangerous legendaries.

How does that Runesmith team work and what does it do? I just unlocked Brian. Wonder how Lucky he’d be stuck as a Level 5 knight in a lineup, haha.

I have to say that Valkyrie has the best pair in the game. Um, okay, if THAT wasn’t a Freudian slip, I have no idea what is.

Anyway, my point is that Valkyrie plus any reasonable option seems to be the best pair in the game right now if you PvP a lot. You have to bring home the bacon, and Valkyrie brings it home like nobody’s business.

I know that she is awesome and from Norse mythology and that our love will never work out.

But for now, Valkyrie completes me.


When I first started GoW on console and admired the artwork, I fell in love with Valkyrie immediately. I didn’t care that she apparently didn’t deal any damage whatsoever. I had to have that card! And one day, after two weeks and a bit of waiting, she was MINE muawhahaha.

Valk+Anointed One

(Really could use that Shadow troop right about now, if you’d kindly pop one out Mr Chest!) :wave:


Haha that picture killed me :dizzy_face: :arrow_left: that’s my dead smiley right there :wink:

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THAT runesmith team was good if it got going and not so good if it didn’t, but i won more then lost at the time.

Luther giving +12 attack
brian giving +9 random trait
hero(anvil of might) +12 armor and attack
runesmith +8 armor and attack boosted by red gems

If brian upgrades magic it becomes fun and heros quickly gain attack and armour

Jarl Firemantle and Valkyrie, emperor and empress of Stormheim!

That being said, the game needs some more female Giant personalities.

The strongest combo for me seems to be Giant Spider and Green Seer, it’s just a 2 troop infinite loop.
But although it is strong as hell, it is also slow as hell.

It can beat pretty much anything with a Boar Rider as 3rd troop, but it’s so slow it’s not worth playing (nor does it bring souls to your pockets…)

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I’m gonna go with Great Maw and Mercy. First turn Sandstorm (RNG-dependent) is fantastic.

Ye Olde… Templar + Paladin. Or Alastair + Paladin.